Magic Kingdom

The Secret Character Sighting Spot No One Talks About

Secret Character Sightings Spot

A visit to Walt Disney World Resort isn’t complete without seeing the beloved Disney characters! So, we’re going to let you in on a little secret. Here’s the best character sighting spot that no one talks about… but they should. The old-fashioned Disney Park character meet and greets are gone. Currently, Disney Guests are not able to hug, high-five, or ...

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Magic Kingdom Closing Hours Early Today: Here’s What We Know

Magic Kingdom Closing Early

The 50th Anniversary celebration is well underway at Walt Disney World Resort! With the festivities beginning October 1, 2021, we’ve seen crowds continue to flock to the Disney Parks for the 18-month-long celebration of 50 years of magic making. Today, however, crowds will have to head elsewhere as Magic Kingdom is closing several hours early. Credit: Disney Yesterday, February 7, ...

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A Disney’s Favorite is Celebrating Their Anniversary

When you think of your favorite Disney characters, you can choose from so many. These lovable characters have touched our hearts over the years, and we love being able to celebrate them.   A favorite movie to many is the Disney classic Peter Pan (1953), and Tinkerbell made her appearance. You can see her light up the screen with her magic wand, and ...

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Cast Members Get Tired of Guests Turning Hall of Presidents into Political Attraction (Video)

When you visit Walt Disney World, many Guests will automatically think about all the thrill rides and different shows and attractions that you can see and do. When at Magic Kingdom, one of the shows that sometimes gets overlooked is Hall of Presidents. The show is not supposed to be “political” but instead a historical show going through every president that has been throughout ...

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Do You Know These Facts About Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom?


Do you consider yourself a Disney superfan?   Maybe you’re a repeat Guest at Walt Disney World. Perhaps you’ve even taken a backstage tour from Disney’s Enchanted Extras Collection, so you know a few secrets about Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park (like the fact that there are tunnels called Utilidors running beneath it so that Cast Members can move around without ...

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Controversial and Offensive Names Removed from Walt Disney World Attractions

Tom Sawyer Island

Walt Disney World has recently removed names from some of its most iconic attractions to say culturally sensitive and change the attraction from dated themes.   Last week Walt Disney World Cast Members removed “Injun Joe” at Tom Sawyer Island, which is at Magic Kingdom. It was originally a sign in the cavernous area. You could see it on a raft as well and had ...

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