A New Tattoo Shop at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park?

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Walt Disney World Resort has undergone many changes through the years. Among its efforts to be more inclusive, they have allowed fewer restrictions when it comes to guest-facing cast members.

Something unheard of a few years ago, such as encountering a Disney cast member with a tattoo or wearing a costume that breaks gender norms, can be found quite frequently in the parks.


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A New Addition to Magic Kingdom

It was reported last week, on September 14, that there are plans to bring a Maui-themed tattoo shop into Walt Disney World Resort. This is likely due to Americans (and cast members) having more tattoos now than ever in history.

Maui from Moana

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Although Disney failed to address the issue during D23, talks of the tattoo shop were considered controversial among Disney fans. Part of this controversy comes from the idea that it would be placed in a different area than Disney Springs or even at a Polynesian-themed location like Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

The proposed plan is to replace the Harmony Barber Shop inside Magic Kingdom Park.


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It has also been reported that Disney will be easing their policy asking guests to cover up certain tattoos when visiting the park.

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The working title for the new tattoo parlor is “Maui’s Tattoo Shop,” and it will feature the Moana character on the signage. Whether or not Disney will pull licensing its character’s likeness for tattoos outside of Walt Disney World Resort remains to be known.

Some have speculated this decision to move forward with such an off-brand move is to cash in on the growing tattoo business in the United States.


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Maui’s Tattoo Shop could also offer special inkwork not available in other tattoo parlors. Special edition tattoos, full sleeves illustrating the Tower of Terror, or even a back tattoo of Cinderella Castle are possibilities.

Of course, one would imagine Disney would not want guests to be undressing for tattoos that extreme.

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Tattoo Shop at Disney World?

But if this news is upsetting to you, don’t worry. It’s actually picked up from a parody article from Mouse Trap News!

Exterior Shot of Cinderella Castle

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It’s no secret that many people have tattoos of Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man, Darth Vader, and other characters tied to or owned by Disney. As such, the Walt Disney Company could be interested in getting a piece of the pie. Therefore, despite the parody behind the story, many may find such a decision by Disney to be believable.

Main Street, U.S.A. in the Magic Kingdom

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They have already brought alcohol into the theme parks despite Walt Disney’s intention never to include it. So, never say never when it comes to the Walt Disney Company.

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For better or worse…you can always count on them to do the unexpected.

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