New ‘Encanto’ Meet and Greet Coming to Walt Disney World

Encanto characters
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Disney’s Encanto (2021) has proven to be one of the studio’s best hits of the past few years. In addition to churning out new songs written by Lin Manuel Miranda (that will likely become classics), such as “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” and “Surface Pressure,” it has also given Disney fans new characters to enjoy.

mirabel and bruno from Encanto

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Walt Disney World Resort has announced plans to bring characters like Bruno and Mirabel Madrigal to Magic Kingdom Park in the spot formerly held by Merida at the Fairytale Garden. However, it seems there may be another new character from Encanto coming to the parks.

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Luisa Madrigal Meet and Greet

A new listing on Disney Careers is an open casting call for Luisa Madrigal look-alikes. The posting states that Disney wants individuals to portray the muscular characters from Disney’s Encanto for future special events in Parks and Resorts near Orlando, Florida.

Luisa Madrigal meet and greet

Credit: Disney

The character of Mirabel’s older sister is one of the most popular characters to emerge from Encanto. Disney Careers describes the character (and desired applicant) as the following:

“Energetic and expressive candidates who are 5’10”- 6’1″ with warm, engaging, and outgoing personalities to portray:

Luisa: Sensitive and giving, Luisa is proud to shoulder the weight of her family’s burdens. With her gift of incredible strength, she looks after the Madrigals and the townsfolk, but also enjoys a chance to relax once in a while.”

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The character of Luisa Madrigal is voiced by Jessica Darrow in the original film. She has the gift of incredible strength, yet also possesses a softer side that she keeps hidden.


Credit: Disney

Where in the World?

We could likely see a Luisa Madrigal meet and greet at Magic Kingdom Park near Bruno and Mirabel. However, it’s also possible that she could start appearing in Disney’s Animal Kingdom if Encanto-themed area or attractions are on the horizon.

Mirabel from Encanto

Credit: Disney World

In the meantime, we will just have to wait and see where Disney would set up such a meet-and-greet, as the case could be made to be installed in any of Walt Disney World’s four theme parks.

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