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The Top 10 Attractions ALL Ages Can Enjoy at Walt Disney World

This list was both easy and hard to compile because there are so many attractions at Walt Disney World that can be enjoyed by guests of all ages.  I chose the ten attractions below based on my own experiences enjoying the parks with an infant and with consideration of the needs of older visitors.  Because of that, some great rides, ...

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10 Things Walt Disney World Has That Universal Studios Doesn’t

Since 1990, when Universal Studios opened in Orlando, there has been a rivalry—not necessarily between the two theme park giants, but between the visitors who frequent them and the ideas surrounding them. There are diehard Universal fans, and there are over-the-top Disney superfans (and we’re proud of it)! We can’t conceive of a better place to be than Disney World, ...

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10 Best Chicken Plates At Walt Disney World

One of the best parts of a Walt Disney World vacation is including in the absolutely incredible food found in the hundreds of dining locations throughout the property. Guests can enjoy everything from signature dining experiences to classic Mickey Bars and everything in between depending on where they choose to enjoy a meal. While there are plenty of unique options ...

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10 Favorite Walt Disney World Christmas Souvenirs for Your Home

Believe it or not, holiday souvenirs have been available to purchase for quite a while now at Walt Disney World. Guests visiting the parks for Halloween festivities are also just in time to shop for winter holiday décor, ornaments, and other special souvenirs. While it may be hard to think about Christmas festivities when it’s still hot and humid in ...

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A Mom’s Guide to Walt Disney World

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the kids to Disney World for the first time, and everyone is thrilled! The excitement is palpable, but it’s mixed with some minor apprehension, an iota of anxiety and a twinge of the “wonder-whats.” No worries! We are here with everything you need to know about taking the kids to Disney World and not only ...

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Top 10 Q&A’s for Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios

Preparing for a trip to Hollywood Studios soon? We bet you have tons of questions! That’s totally understandable, normal, and okay. In fact, you’re in the perfect place to get answers to those questions. Here are the top 10 questions we hear from those who are visiting this fabulous park for the first time, as well as the answers that ...

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