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8 Best Peanut Butter Treats At Walt Disney World

Peanut butter is one of those amazing foods that truly must be heaven-sent. It’s delicious on its own but even better mixed with other flavors, and can be used in all sorts of delicious creations. Fortunately, the folks at Disney World recognize this and take full advantage of it. For this reason, peanut butter lovers can rest assured their favorite ...

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11 Tips On How To Do Epcot Like A Pro At Walt Disney World

Over 11 million people visit Epcot each year at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. This interactive, educational and immersive park offers attractions, performances and opportunities to engage in the world around us and learn from it—and all with a Disney twist. The park is generally divided into two parts—Future World and the World Showcase—but you’ll still need to ...

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10 Things You MUST Know About Walt Disney World

1. It requires planning and research. While Disney does offer a variety of packages that can essentially make your vacation be inclusive of most things, the trip overall will take more planning than most other vacations. Even if you have your hotel and tickets booked, and you’ve even purchased the dining plan, you’ll find that there is a lot more ...

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My Disney Experience App 101 At Walt Disney World

By now, you either know from experience, or have heard from others, about the countless options for family fun, entertainment and heart-pounding rides and attractions at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Add those to the many different Disney Resort hotels and restaurants in and around the parks, and you’ve got a lot of choices to make and planning ...

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Ride Height Requirements 101 At Walt Disney World

A Walt Disney World vacation can be the highlight of the year for a child (and for an adult!).  But one thing that can turn even the biggest Disney smile upside down is the disappointment of not meeting a height requirement for a coveted ride.  So, for any families with children, here are your Ride Height Requirements 101; because it ...

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10 Things You MUST Know About Walt Disney World Restaurants

Dining at Walt Disney World is a huge part of the Disney vacation experience.  Disney restaurants aren’t like other restaurants.  Here are the top 10 things that you must know about restaurants at Walt Disney World: 10. Know the restaurant types at Walt Disney World. There are table service restaurants where you actually sit down and have a server take ...

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