5 Rides At Walt Disney World That Are Better During the Day

Credit: Disney Tips

By Alexandra Blazevich

To follow up on my list of which rides are better at night, I wrote a list about those that are my favorite during the day. Whether you want to take a lazy afternoon nap on a slow-moving ride, beat the heat or cool off on a water ride, these attractions are sure to please!


1) Kilimanjaro Safaris:

Of all the times I’ve taken a safari ride in the Animal Kingdom park, the most successful ones have been in the morning. The animals are out and about, it isn’t too hot out yet (hopefully) and the line hasn’t had time to fill up yet. Most times, I try to visit the Harambe Wildlife Reserve first on my days in that park. If you’re lucky, a giraffe may even take a stroll by your safari truck!

2) Kali River Rapids:

On the hottest of afternoons, head over to Animal Kingdom’s Africa, where you can take a trip on the Chakranadi River. While the signs for most water rides say you may get wet, I take it more as a guarantee for this one. Your 12-seater raft will take you through rapids, down drops and in the path of water guns that other park guests can spray at you while you ride!

3) Test Track:

First and most importantly, Test Track is a mostly air conditioned ride. On those hot Florida days, you’ll surely appreciate waiting and riding inside rather than out. In fact, every ride in Epcot is indoors, so be sure to take advantage of that park on the hottest days of your trip! You’ll enjoy the first part of the ride inside on the test track, where your simulation car will go through various conditions, including inclement weather and steep-grade hills. Before the ride is over, you’ll take a high-speed trip around the outside of the building, reaching speeds of 65 mph!


4) Walt Disney World Railroad & Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover:

These slow-moving rides are perfect for a tour around the Magic Kingdom or Tomorrowland, respectively. The best part –the whole family can enjoy both rides! Hop on the train or come aboard the PeopleMover to feel the wind in your hair and cool off on a warm day -you’ll even learn some Walt Disney World history along the way!

5) Jungle Cruise:

Another slow-moving ride, Magic Kingdom’s Jungle Cruise takes you on an adventure through the rivers of Asia, Africa and South America. Your pun-loving skipper will have you relaxing and laughing as you glide past the back side of water, through ancient temples, and even a crocodile named Ginger –be careful though, she snaps.

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