Tips for Traveling to Disney’s Animal Kingdom With a Baby

Mickey and Minnie at Adventures Outpost in Animal Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Taking a baby to the Walt Disney World Resort can be a dream vacation or a nightmare – depending on who you ask and how you plan. Taking a few moments to prepare, plan, and research can make all the difference! So let’s explore some of the best tips for visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme Park with your little one.

Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom

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Animal Kingdom is the largest Disney Park in the world. At over 500 acres, it covers a vast area of land. Although much of its space is occupied by animal habitats, it’s still a lot of walking. And there is no conceivable way for a baby to walk anywhere around the theme Park – even if they are already mobile.

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Regarding strollers at Disney World, you can rent one from the theme Park or bring your own. Whichever option you choose, know it will be an important element of your vacation. Some Guests find it easier to bring their own (even if flying), so their little one can enjoy the same comfort level they would have at home – and the parents are already familiar with it. However, if you rent from Disney World, just keep in mind they will not be the most comfortable strollers and come with little storage space.

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Whichever you choose, it’s also a good idea to label the stroller with your name or mark it some other way, such as using stickers or balloons. Stroller parking can be crowded, especially at busier attractions such as Finding Nemo the Musical. Locating your specific stroller in a sea of others can be as challenging as finding your car in a crowded parking lot at the end of the day.

The Theme Park’s Baby Care Center

Baby Care Center

Credit: Disney Tips

Each Walt Disney World theme Park has a Baby Care Center, and Animal Kingdom is no different. What is the Baby Care Center? It’s a unique building for families of little ones that provide invaluable amenities that can be very helpful when traveling with a baby (or toddler). It has a nursing room, changing room, and feeding room, as well as baby items for sale, including sunscreen, medicine, and diapers up to a size 4.

Take Breaks

Scheduling mini-breaks throughout a day at Animal Kingdom can be a game changer. Taking a few moments to relax, cool down, stay hydrated, and decompress can help keep everyone calm and happy, especially a baby. The Baby Care Center provides a great place to do this, but taking a leisurely lunch at the Rainforest Cafe or another sit-down restaurant can be a fantastic way to recharge. Another method is planning a return to your Resort or hotel for a mid-day nap and come back to the Park later.

Disney Family

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Baby Friendly Attractions

If your baby loves animals, a day at Animal Kingdom will give them endless opportunities to see wildlife up close. But aside from the animal exhibits, some attractions have zero height requirements and allow a parent and their baby to enjoy together.

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Finding Nemo the Musical and Festival of The Lion King

Finding Nemo: The Big Blue...and Beyond

Credit: Disney

Both of these live shows are very different in their executions, music, and overall experience. However, both are a must-see attraction for first-time Guests, providing great entertainment for kids of all ages. While Finding Nemo uses expressive puppets and Festival of The Lion King focuses more on acrobatics and audio-animatronics, both offer colorful scenery, costumes for babies to absorb, and classic Disney songs.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

Animal Kingdom Safari

Credit: D23

The famous theme Park safari requires no height restriction – making it a fantastic option for babies. Of course, parents will have to keep them secure by sitting near the middle of the vehicle for safety reasons. But your baby (or other children) will have an excellent opportunity to see animals in a different setting than a standard city zoo. Also, its unique setup ensures that no two rides will ever be the same.

TriceraTop Spin

triceratops-spin front

Credit: Disney

TriceraTop Spin is an aerial carousel located in the theme Park’s Dinoland, USA section. Similar to Dumbo or the Magic Carpets of Aladdin at the Magic Kingdom, this simple ride also has no height requirements yet may have just enough thrill to excite young children.

Na’vi River Journey


Credit: Disney

This slow-moving boat ride in Pandora – the World of Avatar is another ride in Animal Kingdom with no height requirement. Although most babies may not be as familiar with Avatar as they would be with Mickey Mouse or a Disney princess, it won’t matter. The serene attraction provides riders with bioluminescence scenery and illusions that will undoubtedly keep them entertained.

Character Meet and Greets

moana character


Animal Kingdom is also a great place to discover favorite Disney characters. Since most people who visit Disney World flock to the Magic Kingdom to meet Mickey Mouse, very few people remember that he can also be found at Animal Kingdom. Other famous Disney friends you can find include Minnie Mouse and Moana. Although your babies may (or may not) know who even Mickey is, that doesn’t make capturing a photo with the Disney icon any less special. Your little ones are only young for so long!

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Final Point

When traveling to Animal Kingdom, the most crucial element is to know your baby and be prepared for their needs. A trip to a theme Park can be stressful for anyone – even adults. But considering your baby’s needs, naps and schedules can be a lifesaver. Keeping them happy is essential to keeping you (and the rest of your party) happy!

Disney 100 Sign Animal Kingdom

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