Tips for Visiting the Magic Kingdom With A Baby

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Visiting Walt Disney World with a baby sounds like a magical experience. But it can also be nerve-wracking and stressful if people are unprepared or have unrealistic expectations. A little extra planning and knowledge of the Park (if you still need to become familiar) can go a long way.

Cinderella's Castle

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So let’s explore a few quick tips on taking your baby to the most magical place on Earth!

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Strollers and Getting Around

The Magic Kingdom is 107 acres, more than twice the size of the original Disneyland Park in Anaheim. As such, it can be exhausting for adults and little ones. Even though your baby may not be walking, the day may still be tiring for them. It’s also hot and humid in Orlando, especially in summer, so the amount of time spent outside should be considered.


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Regarding strollers in the theme Park, you can rent one or bring your own. Most find it easier to bring their own strollers as the ones the Park offers cost money, are less comfortable, and obviously aren’t going to have your personal touches or pouches for storage. But if you are flying to Orlando, that may not always be the easiest option.

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Whichever you choose, know that stroller parking is enforced as you enter any attraction. This will require you to carry your little ones in line and sit them on your lap during most rides or shows. Also, your stroller may be moved while you are enjoying an attraction, as Disney World Cast Members may have to make pathways for characters, crowds, or parades. It’s also a good idea to label your stroller with your last name, mark it with some stickers, or tie a balloon to it. Stroller parking, especially in the Magic Kingdom, can be very crowded. Locating your stroller in a sea of others is akin to trying to find your luggage at an airport baggage claim or searching for your car in the parking lot after a concert.

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The Baby Care Center

Each Walt Disney World theme Park has a Baby Care Center. Not all are created equal, but they offer amenities that can be very helpful when traveling with a baby or toddler. The Baby Care Center at the Magic Kingdom is located between the Crystal Palace and Casey’s Corner near the end of Main Street, U.S.A. The center has a nursing room, changing areas (typically cleaner and nicer than what you will find in the regular restrooms), a feeding room, family restrooms, and baby items for sale (diapers, sunscreen, medicine, etc.).

Baby Care Walt Disney World

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Baby Friendly Attractions

The Magic Kingdom offers the highest number of baby-friendly rides out of any Florida theme Park. Many classic attractions have zero requirements for height, weight, age, etc. Most rides, such as Dumbo, “it’s a small world,” Peter Pan’s Flight, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and The Walt Disney World Railroad, all allow babies to sit on their parent’s lap.


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Similarly, babies can enjoy any show at the theme Park including The Country Bear Jamboree, the Enchanted Tiki Room, stage productions at Cinderella Castle, nighttime fireworks, and even daily parades. Another popular attraction for babies is meeting classic Disney friends. The character meet and greets throughout the Park (and the other theme parks, too) provide a nice break from running around between attractions and, in some cases, are located indoors, providing a chance to cool down and rest.

Disneyland Resort

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A Few More Quick Tips And Tricks

  • Scheduling mini-breaks throughout the day can be a lifesaver. This advice is often given to adults and families of all ages and sizes. Taking a few moments to relax, cool down, stay hydrated, and decompress can help keep everyone calm and happy. This can be achieved by taking a leisurely lunch at a sit-down restaurant, going to your hotel room for a few hours and returning to the Park later, or simply enjoying a calm and lengthy indoor attraction such as the Hall of Presidents or the Carousel of Progress.

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  • Dark rides can be scary for your baby – even a toddler or young child. Be mindful of what attractions may be too much for your little one to handle with little research.

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  • Take lots of photos! Your little ones are only young once – and even if you visit Disney World multiple times a year – they will be different each time.

Final Comment

I hope these suggestions are helpful to you. However, it’s always best to consider your baby’s needs, energy level, and development. What occupies or calms down one infant may not affect another. As a general rule, keeping them happy will make for a better trip than stressfully trying to run around and staying busy from Park opening to closing. Many of these suggestion also apply if you are planning to visit other parks at Walt Disney World!

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