Immediate Statement Issued by Cedar Point Amid Camel Crisis

Roller Coaster going down
Credit: Cedar Point

It seems like things have gone a little wild at Cedar Point, and the zoo animals have become regular guests.


Credit: Cedar Point

Founded in 1870, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio holds the title of “Roller Coaster Capital of the World” for a reason. This historic amusement park, one of the oldest operating in the US, offers a thrilling haven for coaster enthusiasts and families alike. Divided into six themed areas, Cedar Point caters to a wide range of interests.

FrontierTown transports guests to a Wild West adventure, while Challenge Park boasts heart-stopping rides like the record-breaking Millennium Force reaching speeds of 93 mp. For aquatic fun, Soak City Water Park offers a splashy complement to the park’s land attractions.

KidLand provides gentler rides perfect for little ones, and the Gemini Midway and Good Time Midway tantalize with classic midway fare – games, food, and souvenirs. Open seasonally from May to October, Cedar Point offers a day of unforgettable thrills for all ages.

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Credit: Cedar Point

Most recently, Cedar Point has been in the media with some not-so-great news.

Cedar Point’s highly anticipated reimagining of its iconic Top Thrill Dragster rollercoaster, dubbed Top Thrill 2, encountered an unexpected hurdle just days after its official public debut in May 2024.

A press release issued by Cedar Point on May 12th announced that Top Thrill 2 would undergo an “extended closure” to address a necessary mechanical modification to the ride vehicles being completed by Zamperla, the manufacturer.

The park emphasized a commitment to safety and a thorough review process. Once the modification is finalized, a comprehensive inspection will be conducted by Zamperla, Cedar Point’s maintenance and operations teams, and a third-party ride inspection partner. Only upon successful completion of this review will the reopening of the ride be authorized.

While an exact date for Top Thrill 2’s return remains uncertain, Cedar Point has pledged to keep guests updated on the progress. Recognizing the significant guest interest, the park acknowledged the disappointment surrounding the closure but reaffirmed their dedication to a swift and safe resolution. They emphasized their commitment to reopening Top Thrill 2 only when they are confident it delivers the exceptional ride experience guests deserve.

cedar point

Credit: Cedar Point

This temporary closure follows a period of significant anticipation surrounding Top Thrill 2. Both the park and Top Thrill 2 officially opened for the 2024 season on May 4th. In August 2023, an official announcement from Cedar Point touted Top Thrill 2 as “the world’s tallest and fastest triple-launch strata roller coaster.” “Strata coaster” refers specifically to rollercoasters exceeding 400 feet in height.

The closure of Top Thrill 2 follows a prior incident in 2021 involving the original Top Thrill Dragster.

The ride, then holding the title of the world’s tallest coaster, was closed indefinitely after a guest was struck by a small metal object dislodged from the ride. In 2022, Cedar Point announced the permanent closure of Top Thrill Dragster and its transformation into Top Thrill 2.

This transformation included the construction of a 420-foot “spike” extending behind the existing 420-foot “top hat” structure, creating a unique forward and backward launch experience for riders cresting the peak.

Cedar Point, owned by Cedar Fair, is a cornerstone of the amusement park industry. Cedar Fair, which operates 17 amusement and water park locations across North America, announced a planned merger with its competitor, Six Flags, in November 2023.

Now, there has been word that camels have been on the loose at the popular theme park. Evan took to X to share two camels on the loose at Cedar Point. It appears that the animals may have escaped their enclosure as they were running frantically through the theme park.

A video circulating on social media, captured by Cleveland influencer Justin Garcia, shows a concerning incident at a park. The video depicts a camel approaching a park guest seated in a motorized wheelchair. The camel then raises its legs in close proximity to the guest’s head.


@thenotoriousjjg Someones getting fired #cedarpoint ♬ original sound – Justin Garcia

“We were almost trampled by two massive mammals,” Garcia told the local Fox affiliate. “We put some space in between us and watched the aftermath of what could have been a very dangerous situation.”

Park spokesperson Tony Clark told local WKYC news that “the camels decided to take an unplanned stroll just outside their home” but were “quickly returned” without further incident and that the park is “looking into how they made it to the midway” beyond their enclosure.

The Cedar Point social team tried to make a joke about the escape, stating, “Guess what day it is? Guess. what. day. it. is…..??”


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While some found it funny, others were not happy to see this being taken lightly. One guest said, “These were the ones that got out yesterday and nearly trampled a crowd of people. So silly. I saw the video. You shouldn’t have camel’s there. People could’ve been killed,” and “Hopefully the day you stop keeping animals at a amusement park.”

This isn’t the first time an unexpected animal encounter has surprised theme park guests. Last year, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom experienced a partial closure due to a wild bear that wandered onto park grounds (luckily, no one was injured). As a precaution, several popular attractions like Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean were temporarily closed to ensure guest safety.

On a lighter note, a more charming animal encounter occurred in July 2023 at the same park. An adorable squirrel took a delightful ride on the classic Carousel of Progress, providing a less concerning, and perhaps even heartwarming, moment for parkgoers.

What do you think of this camel on the loose incident at Cedar Point? 

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