Check Out The Unique Holiday Decorations at Animal Kingdom’s Pandora: The World of Avatar

Over at Walt Disney World, the holidays arrive as soon as the Halloween season ends. Each Disney Park is decorated with festive decorations, the seasonal music begins to play, the holiday snacks are sold, and the face characters don their gay apparel.

Although your first thought of the holidays at Walt Disney World may be of the Christmas lights decorating Main Street, U.S.A., even themed lands such as Animal Kingdom’s Pandora: The World of Avatar (home to the Na’vi River Journey and Flight of Passage) are joining in the holiday cheer. One Disney fan shared detailed photos on Twitter, giving us a closer look at some of the decorations!

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Over at Pongu Pongu, a drink stand serving “Beverages from Beyond Our World,” festive decorations sit in front of the sign. We can see a traditional nutcracker and a nutcracker decorated to look like one of the Na’vi. Fun detail, the Na’vi nutcracker is bigger than the Christmas nutcracker due to the size difference between humans and the Na’vi. There’s also a menorah on the other side of the sign!

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These festive garlands include a traditional, old-fashioned Santa Claus ornament. Not only that, but it also has carved and painted wooden ornaments of the local creatures of Pandora, such as the Hexapede (left) and the Direhorse (top right).

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Even the AMP (Amplified Mobility Platform) suits are decorated with festive Christmas lights, a woven Santa Claus hat, and a beard to match.

Pandora - The World of Avatar

Credit: Disney

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The best thing about the holiday decorations in Pandora: The World of Avatar is how they’re still heavily themed. Many of these decorations look like the local Na’vi carved, painted, and wove them. Not only that, but the mixing of human and Na’vi cultures into one unique holiday is such a wholesome detail. Once again, Walt Disney Imagineering has outdone themselves!

All photo credits go to @bioreconstruct on Twitter.

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