Cold Temperatures Coming to Central Florida! Are the 20s in Our Future?

People from all over the world travel to Central Florida because there is so much to offer. We have multiple Theme Parks in our area and beaches that are not more than an hour away. This is a paradise for many and an escape from the real world. Especially in the winter months when other places are freezing in the snow.


If you’re traveling to Central Florida this week, you may have been shocked when you looked at the forecast. On Saturday, January 29th, we hit a low of 29 degrees. Friday the 28th and Sunday the 30th are also in the 30s for a low.

These are the coldest temperatures that this area has seen in four years. So if you’re planning on traveling to this area, make sure to pack a coat and get ready to turn on the heater. 


Typhoon Lagoon is closed today and tomorrow (January 27th and 28th), but no announcement has been made for Saturday, January 29th. Although the water is heated during the winter months, it is still way too cold to be swimming, even if you’re from up North.

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If you can make it through the freezing temperatures to February 2nd or 3rd, you can see the weather warming up again. Wednesday, February 2nd, has a high of 79, and Thursday, February 3rd, hits 80. Together we can make it through this Florida winter.

It is great that Walt Disney World has so many indoor attractions, so if you are out in the cold, you can go inside to warm up for a bit. Don’t let the cold weather stop you, enjoy all the magic that Walt Disney World brings.

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