Credit: Inside the Magic
Credit: Inside the Magic

How to Prepare For Rain in Disney World

Even though we are moving out of the summer months in Walt Disney World, this means we are moving right into hurricane season.  Typically Disney World doesn’t get impacted directly by hurricanes; however, it definitely is impacted by rain- and lots of it.  If you are planning on heading down this month, or really anytime, we have suggestions on how to deal with rain in Walt Disney World.  We hope these tips will help prevent rain from ruining your trip.

Pack Rain Gear

The first tip happens before you even leave home.  While you are packing, make sure you pack rain gear.  Figure out what will work for your travel party.  Do they all want their own rain jackets, ponchos or umbrellas?  Everyone has a preference when it comes to rain gear and you will absolutely want to make sure everyone is comfortable with it.  If they don’t care for ponchos, don’t force them in the humidity of Florida.  You can save a lot of money by hitting up the dollar store and getting a stash of those cheap ponchos that you can toss once they get used.  Having rain gear ready to go can really help your trip be successful.

Extra Shoes and Socks

There is nothing worse than walking around in wet socks and shoes.  We highly recommend making sure everyone has extra shoes for vacation no matter when you visit, but even more so when you are going during a rainy time.  Being able to switch out shoes can make you feel so much better and helps prevent blisters from forming.  If you know you are going to have rain while in the parks, think about throwing in extra socks or even flip-flops that you can wear while it is rainy and switch out.  It is amazing how fresh socks and shoes can really make all the difference in your attitude for the day.  If you do get stuck in the rain and your shoes get soaked, putting newspapers or coffee filters in your shoes can really help dry them out for the next day.

Cover Your Stuff

If you are traveling with a stroller, you will want to make sure you bring something to protect it from the rain.  You don’t want to come back after a meal or a ride to realize that you missed a random pop-up rainstorm but your stroller didn’t and now it and everything in it is wet.  There are great plastic covers for strollers but you can also make do with trash bags as well.  This can be life saver when you have a little one that needs a nap after a long morning in the park.

Be Flexible

Lightning does cause outside rides to shut down in Walt Disney World.  As this is for your protection and the protection of the cast members, be flexible and understanding.  Even though we would love for Walt Disney World to be in a bubble where the weather is fantastic all the time, this isn’t the case.  Chances are you will probably have some sort of “weather delay” at least once during your vacation so be prepared and flexible.  Use the time to visit something you might not have had on your list.  Take time to visit Carousel of Progress or see one of the films in Epcot.  Rain doesn’t mean that you have to leave the parks, it just means you might have to adjust your plans for a little while.

Bring Ziplocks

Another great thing to pack for rainy days are ziplocks.  These come in handy when you need to keep things safe and dry.  From smaller ones to put your cell phones or extra batteries into bigger ones that can carry extra clothes, ziplocks are a good item to toss into your bags.  You can also use ziplocks to put those wet items after a rain storm as well.   Although these aren’t a must bring item, having some can help make the rain a little easier to deal with.

Arrive Early

A good way to get the most out of your park day before rain comes in is to get to the parks early.  By arriving at rope drop (when the parks officially open) you will be able to enjoy the parks when the weather is typically cooler as well as less rainy.  As the day progresses, this is when rain storms can build up.  Be a step ahead of that rain by getting to the park early.

Take A Break

Not wanting to be wet?  Then we recommend heading out for an afternoon break.  Doing this will not only allow you to reset, but you can also avoid some of those afternoon storms.  Some time in the resort relaxing can really help you get ready for an amazing evening at the parks.

Ride it Out

Finally, if you have rain gear, footwear and a good attitude, we also recommend sticking it out when a rainstorm pops up during your park day.  Rain often pushes guests out of the parks and back to the resorts.  If you are able to stick it out, you can really enjoy some lower wait times and emptier park.

Rain is something that happens even in Walt Disney World.  Don’t be surprised by this, but instead go into the parks prepared and ready to go with a positive attitude and you will find yourself singing in the rain down Main Street USA instead of frustrated under and covering stuck back in Frontierland (we’ve all been there).  


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