Crazy Florida Weather Strikes Again

If you’re in the central Florida area during the winter months, you never know what kind of weather you will get. A few weeks ago we saw temperature is hitting the 20s as a low and tourists were surprised that they had to bring their winter coats with them.


If you were hoping there would be some summer like temperatures next week on your vacation, you get your wish. On Thursday, February 24, and Friday, February 25, we are hitting a high of 90.


When preparing for your Walt Disney World vacation, make sure to always check the forecast before you leave. In the summer, you can expect insanely hot weather, but it is very up and down in the winter months. You may want to have short sleeves and shorts during the day and sometimes a coat at night.

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With the hot temperatures hitting the central Florida area, Walt Disney World recently removed its indoor mask policy. For quite some time, masks were not required outdoors, but we’re required at all indoor locations, and earlier in the week, that policy was taken away. Face masks are still required on all enclosed forms of transportation, though.

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So if you’re planning on visiting Central Florida next week, make sure you prepare for the hot weather. Bring your bathing suits and enjoy a water park or pool in February. If you’re from colder areas, you can have bragging rights to your friends back home. We are an hour away from multiple beaches, so maybe that would be the perfect way to spend a relaxing day; if you have time, check out SeaWorld since their brand new roller coaster, Ice Breaker, opened yesterday, February 18.

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Credit: Disney

There is so much to do in the central Florida area, and you will never run out of places to go.


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