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Disney CEO Confirms Park Capacity Will Remain at 35% with Rise Depending on COVID-19 Vaccination Rate

Yesterday, February 11, Disney held their first-quarter earnings report meetings. With the COVID-19 vaccination rolling out, one topic of discussion was if Walt Disney World would increase their park capacity from the current 35%. Disney CEO, Bob Chapek, confirmed the park capacity will remain at 35% with a rise depending on the COVID-19 public vaccination rate.


As reported by OrlandoSentinel: Since November, just before the holidays, Disney World raised its cap from 25% to 35% of full attendance. The company executives confirmed Thursday the cap still remains today at 35%. For Disney World’s attendance to rise this year, Chapek made it clear that depends on the public’s vaccination rate. “That to us seems like the biggest lever that we can have in order to either take the parks that are currently under limited capacity and increase it or open up parks that are currently closed,” Chapek said.


Did you experience Walt Disney World parks during their phased reopening this past summer at 25% capacity? How about when Disney increased capacity in November to 35%? While we did notice the difference in crowd levels, we have been extremely pleased with Disney’s social distancing measures.

Source: OrlandoSentinel

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