Disney Classic Shorts Restored Now on Disney+

Mickey and Minnie
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There’s no argument that Disney Plus is the most essential streaming service. To have one place that houses all of the most iconic films made by Disney and Pixar is, well, magical all in itself. Often, Disney Plus will release new films to the streaming channel. Some are films that just debuted in theaters, while some are rather old classics that are premiering on the platform for the first time.

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To help celebrate Disney100, Disney Plus is now bringing back old shorts to the streaming platform. Announced on The Walt Disney Website on June 15, 2023, Disney said they would restore 27 shorts dating back to 1927. The titles range from popular shorts to lesser-known ones, making it much more exciting for Guests to watch. Those who have not seen these shorts now have 27 new films to add to their Disney bucket list.

Restoring the Classics

To restore a short is no easy feat, with the gentle care it requires. For these 27 shorts, the restoration was led by Walt Disney Studios Restoration and Preservation stream. The director Kevin Schaeffer also worked closely with creative advisors. According to Disney, “This same team recently restored Cinderella and are currently working on a restoration of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

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Fans can now watch some of the shorts that began on the first release day, July 7, 2023. To follow are three more release dates in August, September, and October. “Here’s a rundown of the Disney100 restored Walt Disney Animation Studios’ classic shorts!” written by Disney Dining.

Disney Shorts

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Shorts Release Dates

These first five shorts have already premiered and are available to watch on Disney Plus.

Premiered Friday, July 7:

  • The Skeleton Dance (1929)
  • Building a Building (1933)
  • Bath Day (1946)
  • Figaro and Frankie (1947)
  • Goofy Gymnastics (1949)
  • Aquamania (1961)

Premiering Friday, August 11:

  • Barnyard Olympics (1932)
  • Mickey’s Steam Roller (1934)
  • Donald’s Nephews (1938)
  • Goofy and Wilbur (1939)
  • Donald’s Cousin Gus (1939)
  • The Flying Jalopy (1943)
Disney Shorts

Credit: Disney

Premiering September 5–8:

  • Trolley Troubles (1927)
  • All Wet (1927)
  • The Barn Dance (1929)
  • Playful Pluto (1934)
  • Mickey’s Kangaroo (1935)
  • Merbabies (1938)
  • Bone Trouble (1940)
  • Pluto, Junior (1942)

Premiering Friday, October 6:

  • When the Cat’s Away (1929)
  • Fiddling Around (1930)
  • Camping Out (1934)
  • Wynken, Blynken and Nod (1938)
  • Old Macdonald Duck (1941)
  • Inferior Decorator (1948)
  • Chips Ahoy (1956)

Have you seen any of these shorts?

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