Disney Classics Back in AMC Theaters

Anna and Elsa
Credit: D23

Disney is celebrating their 100th anniversary with special engagements throughout the year. Disney invites fans to sit back, relax and enjoy this big announcement. If there is one thing Disney does right, it’s listening to the fan feedback. Fans have been vocal about their favorite Disney classics and wanting to experience more of the old-school films. This comes after the decrease in interest in recent films like ‘Strange World’ (2022), ‘Quantumania’ (2023), and ‘Elemental’ (2023).

So let the drum roll, please! Just announced, Disney will celebrate Disney 100 with eight classic Disney and Pixar films returning to theaters. For a limited time, fans can experience some of the most classic films on the big screen.

Jack Sparrow

Credit: D23

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Featured exclusively in AMC theaters only, beginning July 7, 2023, fans can immerse themselves in the films they love most. Tickets are already on sale, making your Fourth of July week plans that much more exciting! In honor of Disney 100, these films will play for two-week intervals all the way through October 26, 2023.

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Films to See in Theaters

With eight options and two weeks of each, gear up for some fun movie nights at your local theater! Guests can expect to see Captain Jack Sparrow, Anna and Elsa, Miguel, Buzz, and more, back on the big screen. To start, Disney’s movie magic is ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ (2003). See below for the rest of the films to follow suit.

Toy Story

Credit: D23

Returning to the Big Screen:

  • ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ July 21 – August 3
  • ‘Toy Story’ (1995) July 21 – August 3
  • ‘Frozen’ (2013) August 4 – August 7
  • ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (1991) August 8 – August 31
  • ‘The Incredibles'(2004) September 1 – September 14
  • ‘Coco’ (2017) September 15 – September 28
  • ‘The Lion King’ (1994) September 29 – October 12
  • ‘Moana’ (2016) October 13 – October 26

This limited-time opportunity is fun for fans and a way for Disney to bring in some money. As Inside the Magic details, “While some might see it as pandering, it’s a solid reminder of why fans love Disney in the first place.” And let’s be honest; we can all use a friendly face, or in this case, a friendly character, to remind us just how grand this celebration is.

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Disney certainly never disappoints when it comes to celebrating. This Disney 100 celebration is no different. So grab your comfy Disney attire and head down to your theaters next week for some popcorn and some pirates. But the real question is which film will you see, or will you go see them all?

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