Disney Scraps New Attraction After “Putrid” Smell Repels Guests

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It looks like one of Disney’s newest attractions is not going over as smoothly as the company may have hoped. Every year, Disney makes sure to add new and exciting attractions for guests to enjoy when visiting Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. These additions help bring guests back year after year to enjoy the new offerings Disney provides.

Earlier this year, one such new attraction was introduced at Magic Kingdom Park called the Smellephants on Parade. At this experience, guests can search-and-sniff there way through Fantasyland on a free scavenger hunt adventure led by Timothy Q. Mouse. Guests are enticed to become Timothy’s “Whiff-sistant,” a title that can be earned by finding eight different Smellephants scattered throughout the Storybook Circus area.

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Smelly New Attraction Debuts… To Complicated Reactions

On the one hand, fans love and appreciate the uniqueness of this free attraction. It is always wonderful for Disney to provide free additions to the parks, especially ones that are friendly for all ages. However, it is hard to overlook the bizarre style of this attraction and the fact that the partnership is with Scentsy, a multi-level marketing company.

One of the most controversial elements of the attraction was the strength and severity of the smells. Since it debuted, many fans reported having strong reactions to some of the smells, and many guests even said they felt ill from them.

The eight smells in the parade are popcorn, churro, cotton candy, pink lemonade, snowcone, churro, bubblegum, caramel apple, and corn dog. While most of these scents are sweet and nice on the nose, fans have allegedly been disgusted by the smell of one Smellephant in particular.

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Reports Emerge That Disney Removed Smelly Smellephant

It is now being reported that the corn dog scent has been removed and replaced because of the “putrid” smell it emitted. This news, if it is true, is certainly not a good look for Disney or for Scentsy, the company that created the scents for this lineup.

Allegedly, the new smell is more pleasing to fans visiting the parks. While these rumors are not confirmed by Disney, they do bring to light another less-than-stellar review about this attraction. It will be interesting to see how Disney continues to navigate the ongoing controversies and backlash surrounding this Storybook Circus attraction.

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