Next Disney Theme Park Hinted At

Characters at the Entrance of Disney's Hong Kong Resort
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Micky Mouse might have another place to call home soon.

Australia, known for its vibrant culture and picturesque landscapes, may soon unveil a new contender for the title of the “happiest place on earth.” 


Credit: Disney

The Melbourne Lord Mayor, Sally Capp, has thrown her enthusiastic support behind an exciting proposition: the creation of a remarkable theme park nestled within the heart of the Central Business District (CBD).

As the idea gains momentum, Mayor Capp has identified a prime location for this dreamlike venture. None other than Fishermen’s Bend has been earmarked as the perfect canvas for bringing a slice of Disney magic to Australia.

Birds eye view of Melbourne

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The Location

With its sprawling expanse and potential, this waterfront area called Fisherman’s Bend seems tailor-made for the enchanting allure of a theme park. Mayor Capp envisions an exhilarating landscape where the thrill of roller-coasters could defy gravity, soaring above the serene Yarra River.

Imagine stepping into a realm where cherished Disney characters come to life against Melbourne’s stunning skyline. 


Credit: Disney

The proposal brings a wave of excitement as residents and tourists eagerly await the outcome of this visionary endeavor. If realized, the theme park could redefine entertainment in the city and solidify Melbourne’s reputation as a destination that seamlessly blends culture, adventure, and enchantment.

The prospect of a “Disney Down Under” beckons a realm of possibilities: from whimsical attractions that capture the essence of beloved stories to heart-pounding rides that leave visitors with unforgettable memories.

As discussions progress and plans are put into place, the potential for Melbourne’s own magical hub becomes increasingly tantalizing.

Never Say Never

While it’s still early days for this ambitious vision, the enthusiasm and backing from Mayor Capp fuel the belief that Melbourne could soon be home to a destination that rivals the most iconic theme parks around the world. 

The proposal opens up a realm of imagination, where fairy tales and modern thrills blend seamlessly against the backdrop of this dynamic cityscape. As the story unfolds, the world watches with bated breath to see if Melbourne will indeed become the canvas for this captivating tale of magic and wonder.

For us Disney lovers… this might have to be a bucket list vacation? At least, it is for me. One more great reason to visit the land down under!

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