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Disney Files Permit at Animal Kingdom for Construction of Primeval Whirl

For those who have ever been to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, there’s no way they could have missed Primeval Whirl in Dinoland USA. In 2019 Primeval Whirl went from being a daily attraction to seasonal only. They would be open during busy times of year to give Guests more options. When the parks shut down due to COVID-19 in 2020, Walt Disney World announced On July 16th, 2020, that it would not reopen. 

The ride vehicles were removed earlier, but the attraction itself continues to sit there untouched. Walt Disney World recently filed construction permits, and that may be for the demolition of this attraction. No official word yet, though. The permit expires in April 2022, so we should see some work done in the coming months. There is no word yet of what might be added to that spot or what future attractions might be built.

Primeval Whirl was open on March 31st, 2002. This was a family coaster ride, although it honestly could be quite painful due to how jerky it was. The track would hold up to 13 cars, and each car could hold four Guests. It was 42.7 feet high and would reach a speed of 29.1 miles per hour, and the ride lasted a minute and 30 seconds. When the attraction would be working correctly, there could be up to 900 Guests per hour. Many say it was one of those rides that was not a must do but it was cute. The theme was time travel to the meteor that destroyed the dinosaurs. Similar type theme to DINOSAUR, but it was outside and more of a coaster type ride. It was a good compromise for those who didn’t like roller coasters but what with a group that did. 

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