International Disney+ Price Hike Follows Hulu Merger

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Since the partnership with Hulu was finalized, Disney+ seems to be getting bigger and bigger with each new addition. However, in the words of Rumpelstiltskin, “All magic comes at a price, dearie.”

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From its launch, Disney’s magical streaming service didn’t take long to rise through the ranks of the market, quickly joining Netflix and Hulu as one of the most popular platforms. Access to Disney’s wealth of classic films, original features, and other content is still a paid subscription service, but new subscribers might be in for a shock this summer as Star+ merges with the House of Mouse.

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For those unfamiliar with the brand, Star+ is essentially Latin America’s version of Hulu. The platform’s official website gives the following description.

“Star+ is a standalone general entertainment and sports streaming service in Latin America. It is complementary to, but independent from Disney+ in the region. The service is the home for exclusive premieres of general entertainment TV series and movies from The Walt Disney Company’s content studios, including Disney Television Studios, FX, 20th Century Studios, Star Original Productions, National Geographic Original Productions and more, and the streaming service for live sports from ESPN, the most respected and renowned brand for sports fans in the region.”

Similar to Disney’s merger with Hulu, the addition of Star+ will beef up the amount of content on Disney+ to include more than the usual fair, but not without a significant price increase for subscribers.

Disney+ Prices Soar with Star+

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Beginning June 26, 2024, Disney+ subscribers in Latin America will experience a price increase with the inclusion of the new platform, namely in places where Star+ is regularly offered, such as Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras, and Venezuela.

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Roger Palmer of What’s On Disney Plus goes into further detail in his recent report.

“The Standard Tier will be priced at R$43.90 a month or R$368.90 for an annual subscription. It will allow users to watch content in HD and watch it on two devices simultaneously. This is an increase from R$33.90 a month for Disney+, but it does work out slightly cheaper than than Combo+ bundle of Star+ and Disney+, which is currently priced at R$55.90 a month.”

“Meanwhile, the Premium Tier will be priced at R$62.90 a month, or R$527.90 for an annual subscription. Users will have access to watch content in 4K UHD & HDR, with the ability to watch on four devices simultaneously.”

It should be noted that the information above is presented in Brazilian Real, meaning that the new Standard Tier for the new Disney+ increase amounts to roughly $8.53. Even so, a tiered payment plan will not go unnoticed by subscribers, nor will it likely have a warm reception from fans. However, this isn’t the first time Disney+ has seen a price hike in recent reports.

They’re At It Again!

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Disney+ has imposed several price hikes on its international audiences, namely in the UK and European markets. This new report from Latin America is just the latest statistic to be added to the subscriber list, and it likely won’t be the last.

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Recent developments across multiple streaming platforms have led to many big names losing subscribers, and that’s not even mentioning measures being taken against account and password sharing. In the end, it’s simply another hoop customers have to jump through in order to meet their entertainment needs.

Will you be affected by this new development? Are you keeping your subscription? Let us know in the comments down below!

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