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Disney Scams Not to Fall For

Whether you’re in planning mode and preparing for the most magical Disney vacation ever, or just a die-hard Disney fan that can’t get enough of Mickey Mouse and pixie dust – unfortunately, Disney Villains are close by. From Disney to everyday life, people scamming others for money has become an issue that shouldn’t be overlooked – even within the Disney bubble.

While we feel like Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort are some of the safest places on earth, there are people waiting to take advantage of those that may be so eager to enjoy the magic that they forget to keep personal information safe.

Personal Shoppers

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You see that must-have item has hit the Disney store shelves but you’re unable to make it to the Disney Parks. What do you do? While we aren’t saying all personal shoppers are a scam, we highly recommend being sure you review and look for references on a personal shopper before sending them money.

There are some that will claim to be heading into the Parks and even send you a picture of the merchandise, but once the money is sent… you never see the item arrive in the mail. Be diligent about checking the personal shoppers’ references and reviews.  


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Resellers are not especially beloved among the Disney community. These are the shoppers that buy up multiple items in bulk and then resell them online for a higher price. Disney has worked to put a stop to resellers by limiting items to two per person, per purchase. But there are some loopholes that resellers take advantage of. Much like personal shoppers, if you do plan to purchase from a reseller, ensure they are credible to avoid being scammed.  

Pizza Delivery

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It’s been a long day in the Parks and you head back to your Disney Resort for some much-needed relaxation. There may be a brochure that was slid under your door or even a magnet on the outside of your door with a pizza (or other restaurants) offering to deliver a delicious meal right to your door.

Take note that while you can have food delivered to your Resort, we recommend not using the phone numbers on these brochures. There have been issues in the past with scammers pretending to be a pizza company, but no pizza ever comes to the door and this “company” now has your credit card number.

Random Phone Calls

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If you are staying at a Disney Resort or if you have recently planned a Disney vacation, keep in mind that no Cast Member will ever call you and ask you for your credit card number.

If you receive a phone call while at your Resort on your room phone or even at home, don’t give out your credit card number. Instead, let them know you’ll hang up with them and call Disney at the official number to ensure they have all the information they may need.

Illegitimate Tickets

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Did you find a Disney ticket deal that’s too good to be true? Well, it probably is! There are several places that will claim to offer discounted tickets. Some are legitimate such as AAA for example. If you find yourself shopping for tickets on places such as eBay or Craigslist, however, it’s time to rethink your decision!

Don’t get scammed into purchasing fake Disney tickets. We recommend purchasing tickets directly from Disney or from recommended travel agencies.

Hiring Handicap Guests

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Yes, this is actually a thing. Some scammers will pretend to be handicapped and offer to be “rented out” for a day at a Disney Park to get the perks for your travel party with an accessible Guest present. Disney has cracked down on this issue.

Just because a Guest is in a wheelchair doesn’t mean they will be allowed to skip the line. Instead, Disney will offer a Disability Access Pass for this Guest. The Guest can return with his/her party at a scheduled time (typically however long the current wait is). Unfortunately, scammers dip low enough to attempt to take advantage of the system.

Non-Official Disney Merchandise

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From fake Loungefly bags to false trading pins, be aware that scammers are looking to sell fake products to make that extra buck. Purchase merchandise from reputable Disney sellers such as shopDisney, Target, and Disney stores.

If the item has “Disney” in front of it – that doesn’t always means it’s actually from Disney. Do your research and know what to look for before making purchases outside of the Disney bubble.

Keep that personal information close and trust that if something seems odd or too good to be true, it’s time to follow Jiminy Cricket’s advice and “let your conscience be your guide.”

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