Iconic Magic Kingdom Attraction Could Be Next To Go

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Walt Disney World Resort is known for its ever-evolving and innovative theme park experiences. However, as technology advances and cultural tastes change, some attractions become outdated and are eventually closed or reimagined.

country jamboree closing date and crowds

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Due to recent closures at Disney World‘s Magic Kingdom, fans are left wondering what attraction is next to go. Country Bear Jamboree just closed its doors for a much-needed update after over 50 years of entertaining with singing and dancing animatronic bears. This attraction will be closed until the summer of 2024 and reopen with all new songs for guests to enjoy.

While that is not the only change coming to Magic Kingdom, Splash Mountain is closed to be updated into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which will open in late 2024. With these closures and updates, guests have been left wondering if the Carousel of Progress is next to go.

walt disney and carousel of progress

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In a social media post, Disney fans were talking about how the Carousel of Progress needs a major update. One fan wrote about how this attraction should never be removed, but the last scene guests see should be updated every so often.

“It should never be removed. But they should update the last scene. I feel the last scene should continuously be updated every 10ish years to reflect advancements in technology.”

In the last scene, guests watch as they experience the “future” with talking ovens and VR headsets, which are actually happening now. While Disney may never get rid of this attraction due to the history it holds, updating it from time to time may help the attraction in the long run.

The Carousel of Progress was designed by Walt Disney himself. This attraction was an idea at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair. Disney fans have fallen in love with the catchy song that guests hear while on this attraction “It’s a Great Big Beauty Tomorrow.”


Credit: Disney

Disney World describes the Carousel of Progress like this:

“Guests will follow an American family over 4 generations of progress and watch technology transform their lives. During each era, learn how the technological marvels of the day made life more comfortable—and paved the way for unimaginable innovations.

Guests will watch and discover how gas lamps, the hand-cranked washing machine and gramophone made the pre-electric era a breeze. Watch the advent of electricity give rise to modern conveniences like the electric iron, the radio—and the simple, revolutionary light bulb.See how the automatic dishwasher and television set transformed the American household. Today’s high-tech marvels include virtual-reality games, high-definition televisions, and voice-activated household appliances. Imagine the wonders the next hundred years may bring!”

While fans have high hopes this attraction will last forever, do you think Carousel of Progress is in need of an update?

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  1. If CZozp is removed, I am done with Disney .i was not happy when they got rid of athe Great Movie ride or Osborne Lights

  2. I agree with those who say that Carousel of Progress needs an update of the last scene. Update Imagination with Figment. Glad you are at least updating Country Bears – now consider doing it with the others.
    BUT, DON’T TAKE THE CAROUSEL OF PROGRESS AWAY – so much of what Walt did is being destroyed and it is a shame.

  3. Leave it alone! It’s about all that’s left from Walt.

  4. I agree! Carousel of Progress should NEVER be taken away! Not every attraction has to be super high tech and over the top. Carousel of Progress was designed by Walt Disney, and it was special to him! It has so much history! I am very disappointed that Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride was taken away from WDW! I wish they would revive it in some way. There are some attractions that just need to stay!

  5. You took Figment away and the people brought him back. Update Carousel of Progress, a BIG yes, take it away an even bigger NO. Attractions do need to be updated. We are in the 21st century. But please remember Walt and his vision.

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