Closure Announced for Disney World Location, Will “Reevaluate” Guest Offering

A monorail travels along elevated tracks in the foreground, with a vast parking lot below. In the background, trees surround a castle-like structure, and the sky is illuminated by a vibrant sunset.
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A closure has been announced for one location on the Walt Disney World Resort property in an effort to “reevaluate” the guest offering.

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The Walt Disney World Resort is never completely open. Sure, the theme parks open year-round, but not everything on the property is always available to guests. Such is the nature of a multi-thousand-acre destination as big as Disney World.

Over the last year, for example, the former Splash Mountain attraction was shuttered while work commenced on transforming it into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, a new ride based on the 2009 movie The Princess and the Frog.

The image shows the entrance sign for "Tiana's Bayou Adventure" with a water tower in the background that also reads "Tiana's Foods." The scene is adorned with lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and a rustic fence, giving a whimsical, adventurous feel.

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Now, as Tiana’s Bayou Adventure officially welcomes guests, Frontierland is reportedly set to lose its Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride, as well as the Frontierland Shootin’ Arcade, which will permanently close to all guests.

It is not only Magic Kingdom Park that is hosting and will host attraction closures this year. Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith has been shut for months, while EPCOT’s Test Track will begin an indefinite closure on June 17, 2024.

A monorail glides along a track in the foreground with the iconic geodesic sphere of epcot's spaceship earth in the background under a clear blue sky.

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Looking further afield, the Walt Disney World Resort is also planning a number of dining refurbishments. Over at Pop Century Resort, the Everything POP Food Court will undergo renovations in late July, while the World Premiere Food Court at Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort will also undergo refurbishments throughout July.

“From July 1 to July 31, 2024, some areas of the World Premiere Food Court will be closed for refurbishment—including the coffee bar and lounge,” states the official Walt Disney World Resort website. “However, the kitchen will remain open. Seating will be available throughout the dining room, and beverage stations will be accessible.”

An aerial view of Disney's All Star Movies Resort, a Walt Disney World hotel where a fight broke out.

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Disney then recommends guests place their orders using the mobile ordering service on the My Disney Experience app.

Joining these July food hall closures will be the Garden Gallery Marketplace at the Shades of Green resort, which recently disclosed the information on social media.

“As we reevaluate our offerings this summer, Garden Gallery Marketplace will be closed from July 7th until September 29th,” the official Shades of Green Instagram account wrote. “Guests are invited to visit Evergreens Sports Bar and Mangino’s for dinner. View their menus at the link in our bio. Garden Gallery will remain open daily for breakfast from 7 am to 11 am.”

Shades of Green: A sprawling resort with multiple thatched-roof buildings and lush greenery, reminiscent of a Disney World Resort. There are small ponds, wooden footbridges, and manicured lawns. The sky is partly cloudy, adding to the scenic beauty of the tranquil environment.

Credit: Shades of Green

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As the resort notes, instead of heading to the Garden Gallery Marketplace, guests can enjoy a sit-down meal at Mangino’s or gastropub options at Evergreen Sports Bar.

Located in the Magic Kingdom area of Walt Disney World, Shades of Green was originally owned by Disney as the Golf Resort. The United States Department of Defense now owns and operates the resort as an Armed Forces Recreation Center (AFRC).

Front view of Shades of Green inside Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Shades of Green

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It is one of five resorts across the United States dedicated to providing restful vacations for various members and associates of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Will this closure at the Shades of Green resort change your vacation plans? Let us know in the comments down below!

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