VIDEO: Did Disney World Restore Cinderella Castle to its Original Color?

A new video released to promote the Walt Disney Company’s “100 Years of Wonder” Celebration appears to show the Walt Disney World Cinderella Castle in a very different light.

Cinderella Castle has remained the icon of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park since it opened in 1971, though plans for the palace began in 1967. In fact, it took 18 months for Walt Disney Imagineers to construct the 189-foot tall structure from 600 tons of steel and fiberglass!

Credit: Disney

Moreover, when Disney first created Cinderella Castle, they gave it a color scheme of blue, gold, and grey, though it did see alterations over time. First, in 1996, it became the gloriously cotton candy pink Disney Castle Cake for the Park’s 25th anniversary. Next, Walt Disney World repainted the exterior in 2006 with pinks, browns, and the well-known off-white featuring dark blue turrets topped with 18-karat gold leaf!

Then, aside from a few other minor changes, Cinderella Castle remained in this beloved form until last year when it received an all-new look in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World.

Cinderella Castle

Credit: Disney

Of course, we all known the Castle emerged in rose golds, more pinks, and shimmery EARidescent deep blue complete with ribbons, jewels, and the 50 plaque. Although many fans praised the new design and find it a true improvement upon the (almost) original, others did not like the new coloring at all, and have held out hope that Disney will restore Cinderella Castle to her former white and midnight blue (see what I did there?) when the 50th Anniversary ends in 2023.

Their argument is that while pink and blue are a clear reference to Aurora’s dress(es) for Sleeping Beauty Castle, Cinderella’s final ballgown appears in white and sky blue within the movie, not pink. What’s more, having both US based castles retain this color coordination is both confusing and homogenizing.

Cinderella Castle | Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Walt Disney World

Now, some fans on Twitter have noted that the dream these “Old Castle” devotees wish may soon come true. A video posted by the Walt Disney World Resort account displays magic flying down Main Street, U.S.A. and towards Cinderella Castle:


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One such user, @parkhopperzach, commented on his Twitter account that the Castle wasn’t “looking very pink.” Many users replied to this statement with various versions of “yes, please,” indicating a desire to see the blue-and-white version of Cinderella Castle return.

However, its depiction in this video could appear altered as a result of the animation and effects for the screen, or as an intentional choice by Disney to differentiate the 50th Anniversary and 100 Years of Wonder celebrations. Therefore, it may not mean the Company has plans to update the physical structure itself beyond its promotional material.

Which version of Cinderella Castle do you prefer? Guests hoping to see the 50th overlay before the Anniversary concludes at the Walt Disney World Resort in 2023 can find more information here.


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