Disney Cracks Down on Ticket Scams with Firm Response, Files New Patent

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If you’ve been scammed before by someone claiming to sell you legitimate Walt Disney World Resort tickets, don’t worry – Disney has filed for a patent to keep you and your loved one safe from ever having to deal with these types of folks again.

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Disney Files Patent to Assist in Recent Rise in Tickets Scam

According to multiple sources, the Walt Disney Company has submitted a patent application titled “Systems and Methods to Produce a Physical Article that Provides Admission Authorization to an Event Which Correlates to a Digital Asset from a Temporary Wallet.” This patent application outlines a technological solution leveraging secure blockchain technology to enhance ticketing processes. Using this technology, Disney seeks to establish a secure digital ledger for each ticket transaction, encompassing its sale, utilization, and intermediary stages.

Implementing such a system is poised to mitigate potential risks associated with fraudulent activities, such as the resale of previously used tickets or the unauthorized application of discounts, including but not limited to military or resident-based discounts.

Moreover, the patent application underscores the versatility of the proposed technology, which extends beyond digital ticketing to encompass physical ticketing methods. This involves incorporating unique codes embedded within physical tickets, facilitating the seamless integration of blockchain-based security measures across various ticketing mediums. These Disney World ticket scams, including Disneyland Resort in California, have been hitting guests harder than ever. Regardless of which Disney park you visit, if you go through a discount tickets option, you could be scammed into a park ticket to a Disney Resort.

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How a Blockchain-Based System Could Revolutionize WDW’s Approach to Ticketing Scams

The response from Disney comes as a rise in scams across the country has struck the homes of dozens of guests attempting to find that good deal and head over to the theme parks in Orlando.

Disney’s adoption of blockchain technology is a strategic response to the prevalent issue of individuals falling prey to ticket scams, particularly in Orlando theme parks. Unfortunately, many patrons have encountered situations where they purchase purportedly discounted passes only to realize they have been deceived later.

The blockchain-based system could create a transparent and immutable ledger of ticket transactions, making it extremely difficult for scammers to sell counterfeit or already-used tickets. Each ticket would be uniquely recorded on the blockchain, providing Disney with a reliable mechanism to verify its authenticity.
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By maintaining comprehensive digital records of each ticket’s lifecycle—from purchase to redemption—the system would enable Disney to accurately track the circulation of tickets and promptly identify any irregularities or suspicious activities, thereby preempting potential scams.

Incorporating cryptographic codes and secure authentication protocols within digital and physical tickets would enhance their integrity and resilience against tampering or duplication, safeguarding patrons against unwittingly purchasing fraudulent tickets.

Blockchain technology could streamline the application and verification of discounts, ensuring that only eligible individuals, such as military personnel or Florida residents, benefit from such concessions. This would significantly reduce the incidence of improper discounts being exploited by scammers.

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By deploying an advanced and secure ticketing system, Disney would bolster customer confidence and trust in the authenticity and integrity of their ticketing processes, thereby mitigating concerns surrounding ticket scams and enhancing the overall visitor experience.

To safeguard against ticketing scams when planning a visit to Disney World, guests are advised to exercise caution and only purchase tickets through official and authorized channels. Acquiring tickets directly from the official Disney website, approved travel agents or accredited ticket vendors is recommended. Before buying, guests should thoroughly research the seller’s credentials and verify their legitimacy to mitigate the risk of falling victim to counterfeit or unauthorized ticket sales.

Additionally, guests should refrain from purchasing tickets from unfamiliar or unverified sources, particularly those offering significantly discounted rates that seem too good to be true. By prioritizing purchases from reputable sources and exercising vigilance, guests can ensure a seamless and secure ticketing experience, free from the uncertainties and risks associated with ticketing scams.

Have you been involved in a Walt Disney World tickets scam before? 

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