Guests at Disneyland Raise Safety Concerns Over Latest Change

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Changes at Disneyland Resort are always controversial among Disney Parks fans, but some say a recent update endangers thousands of guests.

There will always be at least one person upset by a change, but some of The Walt Disney Company’s recent theme park decisions have spurred heated discussion beyond the fan community. Take, for example, the retheme of Splash Mountain into Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

Walt Disney Imagineering’s decision to erase the widely banned and racist film Song of the South (1946) from the Disneyland Park and Magic Kingdom Park attractions caught international attention. While many guests were happy to see an offensive ride transform into a tribute to Princess and the Frog (2009), some petitioned The Walt Disney Company to “Save Splash Mountain.” (The campaign was unsuccessful–both rethemed log flume rides will reopen later this year.)

Splash Mountain at Disneyland

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This week, Disney Parks fans on Reddit discussed a widespread yet unannounced change at Disneyland Resort. Hundreds of guests agreed that Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park are getting much darker.

“I… have been noticing the following the last few years at Disneyland,” u/United_Assumption_22 began. “I live in Anaheim and visit the park for business and pleasure a dozen or more times a year. Dark rides seem to be getting darker. Haunted Mansion, Pinocchio, Pirates, etc. Walkways between lands are darker. The entries to Adventureland and Frontierland especially.”

“I was on the Club 33 balcony end of April and could really see how dim the lights were in New Orleans Square,” the Disney Park guest continued. “The walk from Critter Country and Frontierland towards Galaxy’s Edge was super-dim.”

New Orleans Square

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Hundreds of Disney Parks fans echoed his sentiment with upvotes and comments.

“I’ve noticed that also,” u/Vadic_Shrike commented. “There are lots of outside areas that end up being very dark at night. Especially when it’s crowded and people’s bodies are blocking light. Large patches of ground almost completely dark while crowds of people are walking primarily one direction, to or from a show or other occasion. I mention the ground because when that happens, small kids can barely be seen.”

“I went to Disney in February after not being there for over 20 years,” u/sockigal wrote. “Used to be yearly pass holders back in the 2000s. My husband and I noticed that the vegetation had grown huge and obscured lots of the park. You used to see lots of vistas and vantage points. It was very interesting to see the growth and of course the landscaping is gorgeous, just much darker.”

Guests wearing ponchos under the rain at New Orleans Square in Disneyland Park

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Many guests agreed that Disney rides were darker, too.

“I seem to remember being able to actually see things on Mr. Toad’s,” said u/capnwacky.

“I went on Pinocchio the other day and couldn’t believe how dark it was, so it’s not just you,” u/Substantial_One5369 replied. “I could barely see anything. “

Some suggested that it had nothing to do with Disneyland Resort: guests’ eyes worsen as they age.

“I rode Haunted Mansion a few years ago with my mom and said to her, ‘Wow! They finally made it dark enough that you can’t see the mechanical stuff behind the guys who pop up in the graveyard,’” u/Mindless-Challenge62 wrote. “And she replied, ‘Ha. It’s the same darkness it’s always been. You’re just old now.’ My kids confirmed.”

Crowds packed in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park.

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“I worked in the park for [three] years back in the 90s, and it [was] pretty dark in some places [then],” u/GenXer1977 confirmed. “…I worked in Outdoor Vending and we’d sometimes have to push a churro or lemonade cart in before the park closed, so pushing a big heavy cart through a dimly lit area and not hitting any guests along the way was quite the challenge.”

Still, other Disney Parks fans found some areas of Disneyland Resort too bright.

Pirates in the jail with the dog Pirates of the Caribbean Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

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“I’ve been going since I was a kid in the 80s and nowadays I can see the ceiling in these rides so I feel like there’s too much light,” u/trer24 argued.

“I thought I was crazy,” u/jeffrotull2000 replied. “I feel like the rides are brighter but it’s probably me just being an old cynic and noticing the imperfections. I wish there was a better way to blend or darken out the ceilings in Haunted Mansion and Pirates.”

“It felt darker as a kid,” u/Djinger agreed.

Are Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and Downtown Disney too dark at night? Are the Disney parks’ dark rides too bright? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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