Day breaks at Magic Kingdom Park, Oct. 1, 2021, on the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Do You Know These Disney World Tips?

There are a lot of tips about how to have the best Walt Disney World vacation out there. From when to go to Disney World to which theme park to visit on which day and so much more, tips are easy to find. We have a few Disney tips that you might not know about, which will help your Disney vacation be that much more magical.

Ask For A Celebration Button

You are in Disney World and that in itself is a cause of celebration. When you check into your Disney Resort or arrive at the theme Park, make sure to pick up a celebration button. They often have specific ones for birthdays, anniversaries/weddings, but they also have a general celebration button that allows you to celebrate whatever you want. Once you have your button, make sure you wear it in the Disney Park and at your Disney Resort. Not only will Cast Members comment on your celebration but so will Guests adding to your magical celebration. Another bonus of wearing the button is that sometimes- not always- you can receive some extra pixie dust. This isn’t something that you should expect, but it is fun when it happens. Maybe you get a free snack or a free cupcake at lunch. You never know what magic is waiting for you on your Disney vacation.

Know Where To Park Your Stroller

Our next Disney World tip is about your stroller. It shouldn’t surprise you that Disney World is prepared for the thousands of strollers that enter the theme Park each day. If you have a stroller, make sure you know the stroller parking areas and Park your stroller accordingly. Cast Members will move your stroller if you leave it in a random place which can cause a lot of confusion, panic, and stress when you come off a ride. These areas are marked, so make sure you use them. This is especially important in Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland. There are so many strollers in this area each day that it is important to know where you parked it. Another quick Disney World tip is to use something to mark your stroller and make it stand out. Use a ribbon or a sign to help you know which black stroller in Magic Kingdom or in the Disney Park is yours. Following this Disney World tip with really help your Disney vacation have less stress.

Head to the Left

This might seem silly, but it does work. Most of us are right-handed, so we tend to head to the right for lines. Go against the norm by heading to the left when in a Disney Park. When you enter Magic Kingdom, consider going to the left towards Adventureland to start your touring. As you enter food courts or touchpoints in Disney Park, the left side tends to be less busy. In Animal Kingdom, this might not work as Pandora is to the left, and most Guests are heading to Flight of Passage in the morning, making it a very crowded area. Overall, if you have a choice between left and right- head towards the right. Sometimes it is the smallest Disney World tip that can help your Disney vacation be successful.

Have a Pre-Park Opening Breakfast

If you are looking for a way to see Magic Kingdom without a crowd, consider booking an early morning breakfast at one of the sit-down dining locations. Right now, Cinderella’s Royal Table is the only option in Magic Kingdom, but as more choices open like Be Our Guests and Crystal Palace, these dining reservations are an excellent way to get into the Park before the crowds. If you can plan it right, you won’t just get the adventure of empty Park pictures, but you will also have the chance to get in line for a ride before the crowds. Right now, this is hard to do at most of the theme parks as not a lot of table-service locations are open for breakfast yet, but as they start to open up, it is a great option.

Bring Your Own Snacks and Water

Disney has snacks around every corner, but you can still bring in your own if you want. Although we prefer getting those fun Mickey snacks, it is also extremely nice to have quick snacks when hunger strikes. Having some individual baggies of their favorite snacks is always a great idea if you have little ones. It never fails that they are starving once you enter a ride queue. You can bring your own water as well. This is a great way to save money as bottled water is extremely expensive in the theme Park. If you don’t want to bring bottled water, you can also bring in a refillable bottle. Disney has water filling stations throughout the four theme parks. Bringing your snacks not only saves you some money, but will also help prevent any major food meltdowns from occurring and helping save your Disney World vacation. Here is what else to pack on your Disney vacation.

Credit: Disney

Compliment a Cast Member

Disney Cast Members work extremely hard to make sure Guests have the most magical experience. This isn’t always easy in the Disney Park’s heat, rain, and long hours they have to deal with. Guests can express their thanks by completing cast compliments. You can do this at Guest service or online. You can also use twitter. Tweet @WDWToday with the #CastCompliment, and Disney will see it and pass it along to the Cast Member. This doesn’t take a lot of time and is an excellent way to share the magic back to those cast members who work to help us have a fantastic time and add to your Disney experience.

Express vs Resort Monorail

You aren’t aware two different monorail lines go to and from Magic Kingdom. The Express Monorail goes straight from Magic Kingdom to the Ticket and Transportation Center. The Resort Monorail stops at Disney’s Contemporary, the TTC, Disney’s Polynesian, and Disney’s Grand Floridian back to Magic Kingdom. At the end of the evening, most Guests riding the monorail are heading back to the TTC, not to their Disney Resort. This means that the lines for this line can get extremely long. If you want to get moving faster, consider hopping on the Disney Resort Line. Even with an additional stop at Disney’s Contemporary, this line can get you to the TTC often faster because there is less of a line.

These are just a few tips that not all Guests heading to Walt Disney World know. We hope they can help you have a fantastic and magical trip making your Disney World vacation a great Disney experience.

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