Donald Trump Defends Disney

When news broke the other day over the Walt Disney Company’s plans to cancel their Lake Nona Campus, which would have relocated 2,000 Cast Members from California to Central Florida, there has been much speculation as to why.

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Lake Nona Campus Canceled

Lake Nona

Credit: Disney

Some have cited the ongoing feud between Disney and Governor Ron DeSantis, while others have pointed to Disney looking for ways to cut costs amid the loss of $4 million Disney plus subscribers and a drop in their stock price.

The Walt Disney Company’s proposed $1 billion development would have included six office buildings, two flex buildings, three parking garages, a central plant, and a surface parking lot for visitors.

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The Republican Candidates?

Former president Donald Trump took no time jumping into the ongoing war between Disney and Governor DeSantis. Although Donald Trump is no fan of “woke” culture, he is also looking to take advantage of any opportunity to attack Florida’s Republican governor, as it’s believed Ron DeSantis will make a 2024 presidential run. DeSantis Walking

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Donald Trump released a statement on Thursday referring to the Florida governor as “DeSanctimonious” and accusing him of getting “caught in the mouse trap” and costing the state over 2,000 jobs. “DeSantis’ failed war on Disney has done little for his limping shadow campaign, and now is doing even less for Florida’s economy,” Trump said.

Governor Ron DeSantis has been the target of months of attacks by former President Donald Trump, who announced his third bid for the White House last November.

Meanwhile, Ron DeSantis’s spokesman pointed to Disney’s finances as the reason for the canceled move.

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2024 Presidential Race

It’s often said that politics makes strange bedfellows. It would be odd to see Bob Iger teaming up with Donald Trump in attacking Florida’s current governor. Although one could argue that the Walt Disney Company’s wading into local politics brought about the fight with Governor DeSantis, it’s worth noting that the company never made such public statements during any of the controversies surrounding Donald Trump.


It will make for an exciting election season as Disney will be thrust into the middle of the Republican Primary debates and potentially the national presidential election in 2024. One can only hope that Bob Iger, Disney fans, and investors are ready.

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