EPCOT Has the Most Underrated Ride

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EPCOT is known for so many unbelievable experiences. EPCOT has given Disney World The World Showcase, along with World Celebration, World Discovery, and World Nature. The idea of EPCOT was originally created by Walt Disney himself. EPCOT stands for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow” which Walt was fixated on creating.

EPCOT was originally going to be its own small city, as a planned environment. His hopes were that EPCOT would be a blueprint for the future, and eliminate any issues with cities. The idea was that 20,000 people would live here, including shops, restaurants, hotels, homes, and more. While Walt’s dream didn’t come true, EPCOT did in its own way. Now, there are plenty of opportunities to see how people used to live, and how their lives could look in the future.

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Although Walt’s vision didn’t fully come to fruition, many parts of his idea did. One of those ideas was being able to have a city be self-sufficient. This meant they would have access to any food by growing it themselves. Today, that “idea” has become an attraction in EPCOT. Tucked away in EPCOT’s land pavilion is the ride, Living with the Land.

Living with the land

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Living With The Land

This attraction lets you see the past, present, and future with farming and greenhouses. The slow boat ride takes you on an excursion of how farming came to be, and how humans used to live. Guests get to experience the innovation in farming, viewing the greenhouses that are built to “help feed a growing planet.”

This ride is great for families including small children, as it’s a history lesson and attraction all in one. Insider described the ride as the perfect attraction for a “Disney vacation at a more leisurely pace.” Furthermore, food served from Sunshine Seasons and Garden Grill Restaurant is harvested right inside this ride, serving Guests fresh produce and seafood.

Living with the land

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Living with the Land is underrated by its simplicity in the concept yet its groundbreaking technology with farming. It’s a favorite of every Guest who rides it, even those who enjoy the thrill rides mostly. Also to note, it’s a perfect ride to escape the Florida heat and take in the fruits of Disney’s labor.

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