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10 Disney Movies That Deserve Their Own Rides

Movies That Deserve Rides Feature

For a century now, Walt Disney Entertainment has been inspiring the world by dreaming up some of the most beloved films to ever grace the silver screen. Not only has the Company directly contributed to defining the standards of classic film in general, but they’ve also established a precedent for what it means to successfully operate some of the most ...

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Can You Guess the Disney Attraction From These Ride Quotes?


Walt Disney World’s attractions have such a following that many Guests can quote lines from their favorite rides or shows.  Are you one of them?  Let’s find out!  Here are some iconic quotations from WDW theme park attractions.  How many can you guess? “Great moments in history – but only the American parts!” We stumbled upon this whimsical show in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme ...

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Can You Guess the Walt Disney World Attraction Based on These Clues?

Alright, you’ve been to Walt Disney World before. Maybe a few times.   And you consider yourself more than just a Disney Guest, or even a Disney fan – you’re a Disney SUPERFAN. You see Dole Whips in your sleep, you’re the person all your friends come to for Disney advice, and when you’re not in WDW, you’re planning your next ...

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These Are the Best Walt Disney World Attraction Songs


A hit theme song isn’t absolutely necessary for a Walt Disney World attraction to become popular, but it sure doesn’t hurt.   Imagine It’s a Small World without its endlessly irritating/endearing (depending on which side of the fence you’re on) eponymous theme song, for example. Without the earworm, wanted or not, would it even be the same ride? Thankfully, whether you’re ...

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Skip That, Ride This Instead at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom


Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is perfect for Guests who love animals. Or dinosaurs. Or yetis. Or bioluminescence. Or fabulous theming incorporating artifacts from all over the globe. There’s a lot for everyone to enjoy at Animal Kingdom!   Because it’s by far the biggest Disney Theme Park in the world at 580 acres, there’s a lot to cover here, which means making ...

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Skip That, Ride This Instead at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT


A Guest could be forgiven for having a soft spot for Walt Disney World’s EPCOT.  After all, it’s the only Disney Theme Park where you can travel to the future and travel around the world, all without leaving the Park!   You’ll want to make time to eat and drink around World Showcase while you’re there, of course, but what about EPCOT’s attractions?  While ...

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Skip That, Ride This Instead at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios


There’s never been a better time to visit Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. Once, Park Guests might spend half a day in, or skip altogether when short on time, but no longer! Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land have breathed new life into what once felt like a neglected Theme Park. All of the new attractions and lands in Disney’s Hollywood ...

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Skip That, Ride This Instead at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Cinderella Wishing Well

Boasting nearly two dozen rides, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has more rides than any other WDW Theme Park.  So, chances are a Guest won’t be able to ride every single attraction in any one visit to the Park, although you certainly could. It would just mean neglecting the fabulous attractions at Disney’s EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom Parks.  Prioritizing ...

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