Popular EPCOT Attraction Malfunctions Leaving Guests Stuck

If you have been to a Disney Park a fair amount, there’s a good chance that you have been on a ride that has broken down. Sometimes it will break down for a short time but get moving again, and others, it takes longer, and you need to be evacuated.

You hear that message over the loudspeaker saying to remain seated and that the ride has been paused temporarily. If it’s a dark ride, it’s never a good sign if the lights come on. That means it is taking longer than they would like.

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Some attractions are easier to evacuate from than others. For those that are boat rides, if you need to evacuate sometimes, they need to drain the water. Others are on a flat surface, and it is easy to get to a backstage area. Some have stairs and have escape routes.

Some places are more uncomfortable to break down than others, and breaking down on an incline would not be ideal. Recently a Guest was at EPCOT riding the popular attraction Frozen Ever AfterAs the vehicle was on the incline, it happened, the ride stopped, and that breakdown message was said over the speaker.

Witchygirl97 shared a photo of what this attraction looks like when it is stopped at the point where it is climbing up to Elsa’s Palace. The Guest who took the photo noted someone in a wheelchair had to evacuate, which would be extremely difficult on this part of the ride.

To continue my saga of things going wrong…frozen broke and we’re being evacuated on an incline. from WaltDisneyWorld

Witchygirl97 shared: “To continue my saga of things going wrong…frozen broke and we’re being evacuated on an incline.”

When others saw this post it caused déjà vu for some, Elphie_819 commented with: “OMG! I also got stuck right in front of Elsa (I think the mechanism that turns your boat and starts it backwards broke) on my honeymoon! We got evacuated through the mechanical bowels of the ride – which had some surprisingly steep stairs.”

While DogaruMom shared: “I got stuck right in front of the Elsa animatronic on my honeymoon. Luckily we didn’t have to be evacuated but my husband still won’t let it down about how I made him go on the ride and the animatronic lost her face but kept singing.”

Thankfully Cast Members knew what to do when this happened, and everyone was safe. If this happens to you, be kind to all of the Cast Members around you. It is not their fault, and they’re just doing their job.

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