Famous YouTubers Get Kicked Out of Disneyland

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Visiting a Disney Park is always fun unless it ends with getting kicked out. Disney Parks have clear rules and regulations. Listed not only on the website but signage all over the Parks, Guests have a concise answer on what’s allowed and what’s prohibited. With that said, that does not always mean Guests abide by those rules.

Recently, we have seen Guest issues on the rise. Regardless of the Parks, Disneyland, Disney World, and even Disneyland Paris has had altercations among Guests. Some issues have even included Cast Members and Disney security, resulting in Guests being kicked out or banned. Taking a trip to Disney is not cheap, so a day resulting in a ban is not ideal for anyone. While most Guests adhere to the rules or do not intentionally try to break them, there are some who believe they are the exception to the rule. At Disneyland in California, YouTubers took a trip to the Park, leaving with a less-than-magical experience.

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Inside the Magic reported, “YouTubers PizzaBryan (Bryan) and DamianLuck925 (Damian) were recently kicked out of Disneyland Resort for vaping nicotine and CBD while in the Theme Parks.”

Disneyland Guests Cause Issues

Disney is an experience for all. With Disney’s encouragement for inclusivity, kicking someone out or even banning them is not the intent of Cast Members. “Breaking the rules not only disrupts the experience for fellow Guests but also goes against the core values that Disneyland represents: respect, courtesy, and the shared love of the magic of Disney,” as Disney Dining explains. It seems Bryan and Damian had different intentions while visiting Disneyland, which resulted in being removed from the Parks.

At the beginning of their trip, two vape cartridges were confiscated from their belongings upon entering the Park. Disney security is strict with their rules, and the two were said to be polite about the removal. It seems they didn’t care much because they had more hidden on their persons. As the day continued, the two decided to smoke the hidden vapes but were caught by a Disney Cast Member. As recorded, Damian said, “I’m sorry, it’s just – we were stressed and depressed and anxious.”

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When asked what was inside the vape, the two admitted it was nicotine and CBD, which is a clear violation of Disney’s rules. Even in smoking areas, CBD is not permitted, which escalated the problem. The YouTubers didn’t see the issue and joked about how it was CGI and animated. It was clear that they could no longer be let off with a warning as CBD was more than just a nicotine vape. A Disney security manager officially kicked Bryan and Damian out for the rest of the day, but not a lifetime ban from the Parks.

YouTubers Kicked Out of Disneyland

To deepen the wound, “Damian started screaming as she explained the trespass warning and again tried arguing that the vape pen was an “animation.” Bryan joined the argument and claimed he only smoked nicotine on the property, though he previously admitted to using CBD,” Inside the Magic wrote.

The YouTubers followed one rule of leaving Disneyland property for the rest of the day. Although kicked out, they are still permitted to come back in the future. Although leaving, they recorded their interactions, even as a Disney Cast Member stated they did not give permission to be filmed. According to the state of California, “The California Invasion of Privacy Act also provides consumers with the right to file civil lawsuits against those who illegally record conversations.”

Moreover, the YouTubers still decided to post their experience to YouTube, potentially causing even more harm to themselves. The video can be seen below.

What are your thoughts on Guests getting kicked out of Disney Parks?

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