Fire at Disney Park Results in Nighttime Show Canceled Until 2024

Credit: D23

The Disney experience is an unforgettable one. Upon your Disney vacation, Guests are submerged in magic and introduced to all kinds of fun. Disney will surely leave you speechless, from attractions and rides to dining and entertainment. The performances put on from parades, shows, and nighttime events are so carefully put together. Now one of Disney’s most beloved nighttime shows has been shut down.

In April of 2023, Disney suffered an incident involving one of the nighttime performances. Since the issue, the evening event was canceled. Disney’s Fantasmic! is now on a hiatus, with only a season it may open, not a specific date.

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Fantasmic! On Fire

On April 22, 2023, Disneyland’s Fantasmic! was in effect as usual. Maleficent’s head went on fire during the performance when the dragon was supposed to shoot fire out at Mickey Mouse. Shortly after, the entire dragon was engulfed in flames. As seen in the video below, it was a firey sight to witness.

“The Anaheim Fire Department was called in to put out the blaze, and, thankfully, no one was injured,” Disney Fanatic wrote. Afterward, Disney responded that they were working hard to get the show back up and running. Unfortunately, the damage was extensive, and the show was discontinued until Labor Day. Now, Disney has released some more unfortunate news for the evening spectacular.

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According to the Disneyland website, the attraction is closed. A note listed under the show’s photo is, “With the goal of delivering the best possible show for our Guests, performances of Fantasmic! are currently paused until Spring 2024.” Furthermore, a Disney spokesperson said;

“Our goal is to always deliver the best possible show for our guests. With that in mind, we are planning the return of “Fantasmic!” with exciting new magic in spring 2024. As teams continue work on the show, we have launched nightly entertainment on the Rivers of America this summer and we are working on even more exciting entertainment offerings for our guests later this year.”


Credit: D23

While no announcements include the changes that will come with the new show, Guests can speculate they may look something like that of the Disney World Fantasmic! In the meantime, Guests can enjoy the fireworks show and plenty of other exciting attractions at Disneyland in lieu of the closure.

What’s your favorite nighttime show at Disney?

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