Lost Your Balloon at Disney World? Florida Legislature Seeks Accountability

Disney Balloon
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Few souvenirs at Walt Disney World are more impractical than a balloon. Sure, when they come out just before the parades or nighttime spectaculars, they look amazing and truly capture the magic of a Disney World vacation, but then what?

When the night is over, you head back to the hotel with the balloon, and you have to somehow find something to do with it. Unlike other souvenirs, you cannot pack a balloon in your suitcase and take it home with you.

Disney Balloons

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So, you are left with two choices: let the balloon fly away (the saddest possible choice) or deflate the balloon and take the empty plastic bag back home.

Well, if you choose the former, the Florida Legislature would like to have a word with you. A new law just passed the Florida House of Representatives 114-1 and is headed to the Florida Senate that would criminalize the release of Disney balloons into the sky.

The bill from the Florida Legislature would now classify the release of a Disney balloon as littering and would be subject to a $150 fine per balloon. The bill changes the current law, which allows for up to nine balloon releases per day, and it does not include the release of hot air balloons. 

Pixar's Up Balloon scene

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St. Pete Beach Republican Rep. Linda Chaney, the bill’s sponsor, said: 

There is no good reason to intentionally release a balloon, and there are a lot of bad reasons. Balloons do not go to heaven. If you adopt this bill, hopefully they will go in statute. By moving the intentional release of a balloon into the litter statute, it is my hope that the education and awareness of the dangers of intentionally releasing a balloon when celebrating is brought to light.

Chaney said that balloon releases have caused a number of problems with Florida’s wildlife population. Walt Disney World knows just how dangerous balloons can be to animals. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the only Disney park where guests cannot purchase Disney balloons.

According to the Ocean Conservancy, more than 31,000 balloons are released every year in the United States, most of which end up in America’s beaches and oceans.

Teenagers with balloon at Disney World

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Disney will still sell balloons throughout its Parks. They are enormous moneymakers for Disney, and they would not be responsible for the fine unless a cast member accidentally releases the balloons.

Last year, the Walt Disney Company made $5.3 billion by selling merchandise and souvenirs like its Disney balloons.

But now, Disney World guests would be responsible for paying a fine, even if a child accidentally loses the balloon.

How do you feel about paying a fine if your child loses his balloon? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. This legislation is only being put forward to further the problem the Governor and state legislature have with Disney. If they want this bill to move forward it should include ALL attractions, Universal, Sea World any attractions that sell balloons. It should also include balloon releases of any kind either intentional or unintentional. Stop the petty nonsense and start looking at things that really need attention like climate change, education, infrastructure, insurance etc.

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