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Goofy’s Dad Instinct Kicks In

I think that anyone can agree that characters at Disney make your experience even more magical. Getting to see some of your favorite characters in person and interact with them is such a treat.

thejuliakloss shared on TikTok a video that warms hearts. At Disney’s Hollywood Studios Goofy displays his extraordinary dad skills when his son Max needs some help. As you can see in this video, Max struggles to tie his shoe, but his dad steps in and comes to the rescue.


Goofy wants to make sure that his son doesn’t trip and fall, and although they are welcoming Guests at the Park, his dad instincts kick in. You can see that Max has a little bit of here he goes again; look on his face, but we all know he is secretly grateful for his father’s help.

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Character interactions in the Park have been changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. We cannot have up close meet and greets like we’re used to, but thankfully characters are out again, and we can interact with them from afar.

They can see you, so they will do different interactions and still love to take photos. If you want to see more characters altogether, cavalcades are an excellent option for that. Currently, there are cavalcades at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. EPCOT is the only Park that does not have cavalcades anymore.

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Make sure to have your cameras out and ready because you never know when these character interactions will happen. There is no specific time, so be ready whenever you are at the Parks.


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