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Happy 93rd Birthday Mickey and Minnie

Do you have a birthday on November 18th? If you do, you share one with Mickey and MinnieToday is both Mickey and Minnie’s 93rd birthday. They look pretty amazing for 93, don’t they?


If you want to visit him on his birthday, you can wave to him during a cavalcade at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom. There are no cavalcades currently at EPCOT.

If you want to actually say happy birthday to him, you can visit him at Magic Kingdom in Town Square Theater. All of the meet and greets are currently socially distanced, and masks are required. You can take a selfie with him in the background, though.


Although, strangely, they have the same birthday and last name, they are only boyfriend and girlfriend. Quite the coincidence. They have been together for some time now.

Credit: Disney

Here are some fun facts about Mickey that you may or may not know:


In 1928 he had his very first public appearance in Steamboat Willie. Although it only lasted eight minutes, he was extremely popular and loved by many. Minnie Mouse also made her debut. The couple appeared together in Plane Crazy before Steamboat Willie, but that was just a test screening. If you have never seen Steamboat Willie, it is currently available on Disney+.


Did you know that Mickey has different names all over the world? In Sweden, he’s Musse Pigg; in China, he’s Mi Lao, and in Indonesia, he is known as Miki Tikus. If you’re in Italy, instead of Mickey Mouse, they call him Topolino. The inspiration for Topolino’s Terrace Restaurant at Disney’s Riviera Resort; is named after him.

Whether you’re able to be at the Parks today or celebrating his birthday from home, we can all agree that Mickey has made an impact on so many lives.


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