Are Alcohol Sales Becoming a Problem In This Disney Park?

From Magic Kingdom to Animal Kingdom to Hollywood Studios, Walt Disney World is full of specially-themed drinks and snacks to sample. But every Guest knows that EPCOT is the best Disney Park to visit for a taste of something different.

Whether visiting during the EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival or another time of the year, there are plenty of delicious things to try.

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By now, you’re probably familiar with ‘Drinking Around the World,’ the colloquial name given to a popular challenge in which Guests order at least one alcoholic beverage from each of the different pavilions in EPCOT.

While some Guests can become rowdy, all it usually takes is a friendly reminder from a Cast Member that Walt Disney World Resort is a family-friendly place for them to calm down. However, one Guest caused such a disturbance while visiting the Disney Park that he had to be arrested.

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According to a report by Fox 35, Chase Holderby, a Guest visiting from Merritt Island, Florida, became belligerent after allegedly chugging two beers within “approximately 30 seconds.”

While visiting the American Adventure Pavilion, Holderby became loud and began stumbling. The arrest report describes the Guest as he stumbled around and became overly friendly with other Guests, high-fiving and shaking everyone’s hands while waiting in a line.

Near the Japan Pavilion, Holderby became “involved in a verbal argument with members of his party” and was asked to leave by Park security as he entered the Morocco Pavilion.

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However, his behavior worsened as security led Holderby to the Disney Skyliner gondolas. Fox 35 reports:

“Once in the line queue, he continued to act belligerent and cause the crowd of people in line to become alarmed,” the deputy wrote. “While attempting to get him onto the physical gondola car, he wouldn’t initially get in and was dangerously close to falling into the area beneath where the attraction operates.”


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Despite multiple warnings, Holderby was arrested and charged with trespassing and disorderly intoxication.

Although we can’t say how often this happens at Walt Disney World, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear that it occurs most often in EPCOT. Are alcohol sales and the ‘Drink Around the World’ challenge becoming an issue at the Disney Park? We can’t say for sure.

When visiting a Walt Disney World Resort, it’s incredibly important to enjoy alcoholic beverages responsibly and to remain respectful of the property’s guidelines for the safety of other Guests.

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