Heading to Disney World This September? Make Sure You Know This!

We are heading into September and a lot of adjustments and changes are coming to Walt Disney World.  If you are going to Disney this September, you will want to make sure you are aware of these important things to make sure your vacation goes smoother.

Crowds Will Be Back

Although we are seeing lower crowds these last few weeks of August, we don’t anticipate this to continue throughout all of September.  Labor Day will likely bring in a variety of crowds as will some of these other factors like the end of popular shows, the opening of new dining options and the preparation of the 50th.

Credit: Inside the Magic

Credit: Inside the Magic

Weather Could Impact Your Visit

September often sees the increase of tropical storms as well as hurricanes so be prepared for this.  You can still enjoy Disney in the rain, but make sure you are ready to do so.  Pack those umbrellas, raincoats or ponchos as well as shoes that can take on water.  You don’t want to get caught unprepared and be stuck in a downpour.  Also, know Disney’s hurricane policies prior to heading down.  They have great procedures in place to make sure all guests are safe if something was to come up.  September is also still hot and humid in Disney.  You might be heading into fall where you live, but in Disney it is still summer.  Make sure you are prepared for this with fans and cooling towels.  Being ready for the weather will allow you to have a fantastic trip no matter if it is rainy or hot.

Credit: Disney

Credit: Disney

Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival 

When heading down in September, you will want to make sure you take time to visit Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival.  This festival brings unique flavors to guests at fun, themed food booths.  Throughout the World Showcase and part of Future World guests can find 30 booths to experience.  Consider doing the scavenger hunt and enjoying some live entertainment as well.  Epcot’s International Food and Wine is something you won’t want to miss when visiting Disney World,

Changes Coming to Epcot

There are lots of construction in Epcot which might impact your ability to get around; however, progress is being made.  We have learned that Club Cool (and Beverly) will be opening up soon.  Guests will once again be able to enjoy different flavors of soda from around the world.  Disney has given “fall” as the target date for a lot when it comes to deadlines for Epcot and September transitions us out of summer and into fall meaning we are hopeful we will see more openings moving forward.

Buffets Are Back

Make sure you are aware that buffets are back in Disney!  With the reopening of Boma, buffets made a comeback in Walt Disney World.  Guests can now enjoy buffets at both Boma, Biergarten and Crystal Palace in Magic Kingdom.  If you are heading down in September, make sure you are aware that these are options once again.  Keep up with your dining locations to see if they are making adjustments before you arrive.  

Credit: inside the magic

Credit: inside the magic

Dining Is Changing and Opening Daily

We are pleased to see more and more dining options opening each and every day.   In September, we are going to be able to see Diamond Horseshoe, Space 220, and breakfast at Cinderella’s Royal Table all open up to guests to enjoy.  Make sure to stay up on what restaurants are opened as it is constantly changing right now and new options are being provided weekly.  The most highly anticipated new dining experience- Space 220- is supposed to be opening in September so keep your eyes open to become one of the first to experience this out of this world dining adventure.

Club Levels Are Back

Three Club Levels will be returning in September providing guests with new accommodations at these resorts.  Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Disney’s Boardwalk Inn and Disney’s Contemporary Resort will all begin offering Club Level throughout September.  Club Levels come with access to a few additional perks.  In the past, the biggest perk was the access to the lounge which provided small food options as well as drinks throughout the day.  We aren’t sure exactly what this will look like when they return, but if you are staying at one of these resorts in September make sure you consider this upgrade option.

Credit: disney

Credit: disney

Previews Are Happening

It was exciting to see Disney Cast Members being able to preview the highly anticipated new ride in Epcot’s France Pavilion Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.  This month, even more will be able to enjoy the ride for the first time as previews are being offered for Disney Vacation Club members, Annual Passholders and even some D23 Gold Members.  If you are in Epcot during September, be aware that this is happening and consider sneaking by to see what is happening.

Preparations For The 50th

October 1st is Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary and preparations are underway.  Guests visiting in September will probably see preparations taking place throughout the four parks.  In Magic Kingdom, we have already seen a new stage set up in the hub area.  We have gotten sneak peeks at the gold statues called “Disney Fab 50 Character Collection” coming to Magic Kingdom.  We anticipate that these could slowly be added prior to October 1st throughout the Magic Kingdom.   The castle has already been decorated and is ready to celebrate the big day.  We believe that we will see more and more of these small, and big, decorations show up as we get closer to October 1st.  Don’t be surprised when visiting in September that you might see some work being done to get ready as well as some quick looks at what the celebration will be bringing.

Last Shows

September will be the last time guests will be able to enjoy Epcot Forever and Happily Ever After.  Both of these shows will be wrapping up at the end of September to prepare for new shows that will be a part of the big celebration on October 1st.  Keep this in mind if you are wanting to experience the evening shows as well.  Crowds might be heavier than you are expecting at night because of locals wanting to catch the show one last time.  

September is a great time to visit Walt Disney World; however, if you are heading down this year you will want to keep these things in mind.  Make sure you are prepared for the weather, keep up with dining options and look out for 50th anniversary items to start popping up.  We hope you have a fantastic time!  Make sure you don’t miss a think by reading our post about what not to miss in September at Walt Disney World.

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