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Hidden Gems in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

When planning a trip to Walt Disney World, almost everyone schedules a day or two in Magic Kingdom. Magic Kingdom is Disney World’s iconic theme Park and the Park with the most rides and attractions. With over 30 different attractions to choose from, there isn’t a lack of entertainment in Magic Kingdom. We want to suggest some hidden gems that you might not think of doing during your trip to Magic Kingdom. These will not be high-intensity attractions, but they will bring that extra Disney magic to your Disney vacation and theme Park experience at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Hang Out On the Hub Grass

One of the most magical experiences we have had in Magic Kingdom is when we relaxed in front of Cinderella Castle on the hub grass and just hung-out together. This theme Park location during the day is the perfect spot to just breathe in all the magic. Our favorite is to grab our favorite snack and then just be. If you have little ones, this is a great spot for them to crawl or walk around without getting run over by other Guests. We truly find this such a magical experience in Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park.

Day breaks at Magic Kingdom Park, Oct. 1, 2021, on the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. (Matt Stroshane, photographer)

Eating By Sleepy Hollow

One of our favorite eating locations in Disney’s Magic Kingdom is Sleepy Hollow in Liberty Square. Located right next to the castle, this location is perfect for people watching and admiring the castle. Grab a delicious waffle sandwich and take time to enjoy the views. Most people are quick to eat and leave, but we encourage you to slow down and relax.

Visit Cinderella’s Fountain

We know that most people admire the castle from the front of the Magic Kingdom Park, but take time to walk to the back of the castle into Fantasyland to find the Cinderella Fountain. This is a great photo opportunity and one that has a magical touch. If you look just right at the fountain, you can see the crown in the background picture place itself perfectly on top of Cinderella’s head, foreshadowing what is to come for her. Since the fountain is tucked back behind the castle, many don’t see it in Fantasyland. Make sure you check it out the next time you are in the Park.

Ride Cinderella’s Horse

Another fun hidden gem in Magic Kingdom can be found at Prince Charming Regal Carousel. As you take your little one on it, make sure to look for what is rumored to be Cinderella’s horse. If you look for the golden ribbon on the tail, you will find it among the other horses. Disney has never confirmed this fact, but it is still fun to seek out while in Fantasyland. Although it might not be your top attraction choice, take a ride and enjoy the classic attraction.

Check Out the Cinderella Castle Mosaic Murals

If you have never walked through the corridor that passed through Cinderella Castle on the way to Fantasyland, then we highly recommend you do so on your next stop in the Magic Kingdom park.  There are five amazing mosaic murals that tell the story of Cinderella.  From the beginning of the story where Cinderella is left with her step-mother to the end where we see the glass slipper fitting her foot, each mural is a detailed telling of this classic story.  Not only should you check out the murals, but also take a look at the other details throughout this corridor.  This area is truly magical and brings the story of Cinderella to life through art. This a part of the park that often isn’t enjoyed enough by Guests on their Magic Kingdom park day, but slow down and enjoy the details before rushing off to an attraction.

Get a Silhouette Portrait Done

A silhouette portrait is one of the most affordable and most personalized souvenirs you can get on a Disney World vacation. Located on Main Street, U.S.A. down a small alleyway, you can find a cart that offers these pieces of artwork. The artist will create a silhouette of your kids, family, or even from a picture if you choose. These are typically around $10 and become such an amazing souvenir that we highly recommend investing in. If you plan to go to Disney with your kids over time, this is a great way to show their growth.

Aunt Polly’s on Tom Sawyer Island

We think that Tom Sawyer Island is a hidden gem in and of itself a lot of times. Taking a raft ride over the island is a fun attraction. It is a great place to get away from the crowds of Magic Kingdom, allow kids to be kids, and just enjoy the day together. Another specific aspect on Tom Sawyer Island we think is a hidden gem is Aunt Polly’s. This dining location isn’t always open, but it is an excellent place to get food that isn’t as busy. If it isn’t open, the outdoor seating area often is open and offers a great place for relaxing and eating a snack you might have in your bag. We highly recommend looking into Aunt Polly’s while exploring Frontierland and discovering the details in a Disney Park.

Capture Your Moment

A new hidden gem that we think is fantastic is the new Capture Your Moment that can help you celebrate your vacation with a special photo session throughout the Magic Kingdom. You can reserve a personalized 20-minute spot with a Disney PhotoPass photographer that will help you capture those special moments. For only $50 this is a hidden gem that we encourage you to take advantage of during your next trip. You can make your fairy tale come true as you take pictures in front of the iconic Cinderella Castle.

Credit: Tricia Kennedy

Golden Statues

We aren’t sure how hidden these are, but we believe that the new Disney Fab 50 Character Collection is a fun way to explore Magic Kingdom. Brought in for the 50th Anniversary Celebration, you can make this a family goal to find them throughout the Park and even keep track (with those photos) of which statues you find. We think that these statues are so entertaining and a new way to see the Magic Kingdom.

We know that everyone wants to enjoy classic attractions such as Peter Pan’s Flight or Haunted Mansion, but we encourage you to search for those hidden gems while in a Disney theme Park. These are just a few hidden gems in Magic Kingdom that you can try during your next Disney World vacation to add a little extra magic to the Disney World trip.

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