How Disneyland Cast Members Celebrated Its 68th Anniversary

Cast Members
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Cast Members are the reason Disney Parks are always such a magical experience. The hardworking employees of Disney are the hidden heroes on a daily basis. Dealing with just about everything from serious issues to assisting families have the best vacation they’ve ever had; Cast Members are not ones to overlook.

As Disneyland celebrates 68 years of business, Cast Members get a special treat. While last week, fans got to see the surprise and well-deserved experience Cast Members from around the world got to enjoy for ‘Haunted Mansion’ (2023) premiere, and we got to hear from other Cast Members celebrating the anniversary.

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Cast Members make every Guests day better. As shown in the TikTok below, not even trying, Cast Member at Magic Kingdom was enjoying the ‘Frozen’ (2013) song, ‘Let it Go’, and showing off his dance moves. Simply without trying, Cast Members make the Disney (World) a better place.


The little kick at the end 🤌 (via @Rachel Ingersoll) #Disney #DisneyParks #DisneyWorld #MagicKingdom #Frozen #LetItGo #DisneyCastLife

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Cast Members Celebrate Disneyland’s 68th Anniversary

Disney Cast Members are the magic we all feel in the Parks. “The Cast Members are the heart of the Resort and are crucial to the Guests who bring their families to experience the most magical place on Earth,” said Ashley. “In return, we get the unique opportunity to give them that same magic,” one Cast Member mentioned in Disney Parks Blog.

Cast Members

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The Cast Members got to enjoy the celebration in a different way than Guests, bringing the community of coworkers together. Disneyland dedicated the month of July “to celebrating generations of Cast Members as the true magic makers, with exclusive activations and offerings to show appreciation for their contributions to the Resort’s evolution over nearly seven decades,” reported by Disney Parks Blog.

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These activities included the annual Duck Races at “It’s a small world,” where Cast Members get to participate in a rubber duck race and decoration competition. Next was the Canoe Races along the Rivers of America in Frontierland. Cast Members were also invited to enjoy attractions prior to the Park opening without any Guests around. This also included a complimentary meal and photo opportunities the employees don’t usually get on a typical day at work.

Cast Members

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

One Cast Member, Cherilyn, shared, “It is a lot of fun to be able to participate in cast-exclusive events!” shared Cherilyn. “I think that it helps build a sense of community within the Resort. It is also a great way to recognize cast members for all the hard work they put in.”

Cast Members are always up to the very best, spreading the magic throughout the Parks. Guests can learn more about their hard work and initiatives on #CastLife and their Instagram.

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