Iger and Chapek Chaos Stems From Private Office Shower

Bob Iger and Bob Chapek
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Disney’s behind-the-scenes drama between executives is now out in the open. CEO Bob Iger stepped back into his role as CEO in 2022 after The Walt Disney Company board decided to fire Bob Chapek. As the successful CEO returned, stories swirled on the sudden changing of the guard. Iger recently extended his stint at what was supposed to be a temporary position until 2026.

With that said, news has been released on the difficulties Chapek faced as CEO, including some that Iger may have placed in front of him. Additionally, we’ve learned why Chapek was handpicked by Iger, yet the two seemingly did not get along, the same way previous executives Michael Eisner and Michael Ovitz. Although Iger has detailed his intentions with the company and his hope for Disney’s future, he had a hard time retiring as he pushed it off four times. After announcing his retirement in 2o20 and passing the baton to Chapek, there was one thing he refused to give up.

Bob Iger and Bob Chapek

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While Iger stepped down as CEO, he remained an executive chairman for the following 22 months. At this time, he refused to make one change, allowing the new CEO to take full control.

Bob Iger Private Office Shower

Does it all stem from a private office shower? Kind of. “Bob Iger reportedly held onto the office he used as CEO of Disney while he stayed on as executive chairman and Bob Chapek took over the CEO job at the entertainment giant,” Fox Business wrote. But it was more than just the square footage of the office. It had to do with the private bathroom, including a shower and vanity installed in the office space.

Bob Iger and Bob Chapek

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According to Fox Business, “Disney had apparently installed the shower while Michael Eisner helmed the company.” Iger began his stint as CEO in 2005 and seemingly grew an attachment to the office space, not wanting to give it up after his retirement. The conversation between Iger and Chapek went that Iger reportedly “lived for the two-shower days.” This was his fair reasoning for keeping the office. “On evenings when Iger was heading out for a Disney premiere, award show, or benefit, he would often take a second shower — this time in the office,” CNBC reported.

Bob Iger and Bob Chapek

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Iger kept the space as Chapek held the title of CEO for three years before being fired. As Iger stepped back in as CEO, assumingly only had to change his nameplate back to Chief Executive Officer without any office move. Although notes from various staff members show it was about much more than just an office shower, Iger and Chapek did not have an easy relationship once Chapek became CEO.

One could question maybe it was Iger’s plan all along to step back into the role. “Chapek confided to a friend that his tenure at Disney was “about three years of hell,” defined by one overriding theme: his unrelenting fear that Iger wanted his job back,” CNBC detailed.

What are your thoughts on the Iger and Chapek chaos?

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