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Will Elon Musk Buy Disney? “Buy ‘em and Turn Them Into Twitter”

Elon Musk on Disneyland with a buy sign

Ostensibly fed up with Disney’s current MO, a fan suggested Twitter and Tesla CEO Elon Musk buy the Mouse House! The Elon Musk-Walt Disney Company controversy recently swept the internet when the Tesla CEO cussed out Disney for supposedly trying to “bully” X, formerly known as Twitter, with money. After a recent controversy where Mr. Musk supported an antisemitic comment ...

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Multiple Disney Attractions Closing Indefinitely in 2024

Disney attractions at Disneyland Park

Several popular attractions are closing their doors in 2024. Related: ‘Avatar 3’ Release Date Confirmed by James Cameron After Huge Delays The assortment of Disney theme parks and resorts is exceptionally vast, with locations scattered all across the globe. Guests will now find Disney theme parks planted in locations such as France, China, and Japan, each offering its own atmosphere, ...

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Hollywood Star Garners Thousands in Protest Against Disney “Infecting” Kids, “Indoctrinated by Woke Lunacy”

Bob Iger Walt Disney

It looks like one Hollywood star is stepping out and talking back against Disney, and many fans are rallying behind him. When people think of The Walt Disney Company, they often associate it with success. From the moment Walt started creating his animations and theme parks, while the company nearly went broke, its rollercoaster ride was destined for greatness. Now, ...

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Rival Ups the Ante: Beats Out Disney to Earn Exciting Record!

Roller coaster and Disney Guests

One of Disney’s rivals has officially beaten out the Mouse House to design the world’s tallest and fastest theme park ride. There’s nothing quite like going to a Disney park to enjoy that quintessential Disney experience. If the Walt Disney Company has done one thing well, it’s differentiating itself from the crowd enough that the Disney Parks are notably unique ...

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Peek Into the Crystal Ball: Disney’s Future Looks “Unpromising,” “Unsatisfying”

Walt Disney World and Bob Iger

Recently, critics argued that a close examination of the next two years of Disney movies shows its future looks bleak, “unpromising,” and “unsatisfying.” The Walt Disney Company has come under scrutiny for its strategy involving its entertainment division, particularly its movie releases. For a few years now, many fans have been notably frustrated with the company for its lack of ...

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