Johnny Depp Shows Gratitude Towards Fans at First Concert

Johnny Depp
Credit: Variety

Johnny Depp is making headlines again but this time for a good reason! The actor is best known for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean (2003). Depp has had some struggles over the last year, with his ex-wife Amber Heard and more recently with some health scares.

Previously we reported he had to cancel a show in Budapest due to health concerns. The actor was found passed out at a hotel, raising many concerning flags. Now, Depp is beginning his tour with The Hollywood Vampires, seemingly fine. His tour kicked off this past weekend, and fans are overjoyed the actor is feeling better and performing.

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The Hollywood Vampires Tour

On Friday, July 28, The Hollywood Vampires began their U.S. tour in Boston. Fans were quite concerned that Depp would show up after many show cancellations. Including his canceled show in Budapest, a string of shows were canceled in May due to an ankle injury the actor had to heal. This past Friday, he showed up, and the band played to a sold-out show at Boch Center’s Wang Theatre.

Johnny Depp

Credit: D23

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Johnny Depp Shows Gratitude Toward Fans

Prior to the performance, Depp took the time to meet some of his fans. He was seen taking selfies and writing autographs with over twenty fans, extremely excited to see him live. “Molly Smith, a 12-year-old from Concord, New Hampshire, was one such fan and became tearful when she received not only a selfie with Depp, but a hug from him, too,” People reported. Furthermore, Depp continued to show love for his fans while on stage. People wrote,

Depp showed continuous signs of appreciation for the audience. He pumped his fist to his heart and stretched it out to the crowd, clasped his hands together in gratitude, waved and smiled almost constantly.

Johnny Depp

Credit: Variety

It’s no secret that Johnny Depp fans are happy to see the beloved actor back on his own two feet and enjoying one of the talents he does best.

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