Do You Know These 6 Secrets About Walt Disney World?

Walt Disney World is an amazing place. It is my favorite place on Earth, actually! There is a reason why so many families come through the gates year after year to soak up all of the magi and experiences that Disney World has to offer. A destination this visited and well planned isn’t without its secrets. There are many, many different secrets within the gates, but here are a few of my favorites. Do you know these 6 secrets about Walt Disney World?:

6. There is actually a suite in Cinderella Castle.

Ever wondered what was at the top of Cinderella Castle? Well there is actually an amazing and beautiful suite. The suite is the epitome of elegance and everything you would expect from a castle suite. A few years ago, Disney ran a promotion where they selected a family each night to stay in the suite! This practice has been discontinued, sadly, but hopefully it will resurface again in the future. Now the suite is only reserved for VIP guests or guests that are likely willing to pay a pretty hefty price tag to stay there. It doesn’t even appear online in the resort inventory. If you ever want to stay there, you will have to come up with a lot of money and work it out directly with guest relations.

5. What are smellitizers?

That’s a fun word to say! Disney cares so much about creating magic and the perfect experience that they even release scents in particular areas in the parks. The smellitizers are on a timer in order to consistently release the scent so that the sense of smell is also engaged in the experience. One key example of this is on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom where scents are released to smell like fresh baked goods. It smells so amazing as you walk down Main Street and definitely has you ready to sample one of the delicious Mickey treats!

4. No gum sold anywhere on property.

You may not have noticed until now, but there is actually NO gum sold on property. Have you also noticed that you don’t have gum stuck all over under tables and railings? I don’t think I have ever grabbed onto an old dried up piece of gum, and we can thank the lack of gum sales for that. Gum isn’t banned, but since it isn’t sold it reduces the amount of guests that are actually chewing gum and reduces the amount of exposure to the possibility of guests sticking it in random places. (I don’t understand why anyone would do that, especially at Disney where there is literally a trash can within 30 steps of anywhere you stand.)

3. The tunnels are real (and they are Epcot, too).

The tunnels that have been rumored to be underneath the Magic Kingdom are definitely real! Trash is even discarded to the tunnels to the utilidor system that was created to deal with the massive amounts of trash that are generated each day at the Magic Kingdom alone. The tunnels also house costuming, a cafeteria, administrative offices and more. The system was put in place to provide a more efficient ways to get supplies and cast members to specific areas without transporting them between lands. Disney imagineers care so much about the guest experience and preserving the themes of each land that they don’t want a cast member that is in a Tomorrowland costume to walk through Fantasyland, since they would be out of place and a distraction from the theme. The same goes for moving other supplies like food and merchandise around the parks. They didn’t want unattractive carts moving all over on stage impacting guest traffic flow and the theme of the land. This was an extremely innovative and effective way to design the park. What most guest don’t realize is that Epcot also has tunnels underneath the park, too. The tunnels only run under Future World and not out to the World Showcase. Pretty cool, huh?

2. The water around the mountain at Fantasmic isn’t very deep.

Take a look at the water around the Fantasmic mountain the next time you watch the show. Also take a look at all the floats, rafts, boat and water technology that is utilized during the show. Would you believe that the water in the lake is actually only 1 foot deep? Even at only 1 foot deep the entire lake holds 1,900,000 gallons of water! With all of the amazing features utilized in the show it seems almost unbelievable that the water is only that deep! They sure do a lot with the shallow water.

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1. One ride at Animal Kingdom is bigger than all of the Magic Kingdom.

Crazy, right? It is totally true. Kilimanjaro Safaris at Animal Kingdom is bigger than all of the Magic Kingdom. The savanna stretches over 100 acres of space where the animals live and roam in order for guests to have amazing views and experiences when they go on their safari. The safari typically takes at least 20 minutes if not a little longer to make your way through the savanna on one of the ride vehicles that costs Disney over half a million dollars for one vehicle. Keep in mind that this is only one attraction within the entire park that is made of a few different lands and many shows, attractions and trails. This helps to secure Animal Kingdom’s spot at the top of the largest theme parks in the entire world.

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I am a diehard Disney fanatic! I fell in love with all things Disney from an early age and that only increased once I first visited Walt Disney World! It led me to complete a yearlong Disney College Program working at merchandise locations within Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Disney-MGM Studios at that time) and I worked for Disney Parks & Resorts Technology in Project/Program Management. Now I get to write about Disney and help others plan their magical vacations! Disney holds a special place in the hearts of my entire family as my husband proposed there, we honeymooned there, took trips while pregnant with each of my boys and have visited with them many, many times from 8 weeks old through now. One of my favorite memories from each trip is always the look on my kids’ faces the first time they see the castle. I’d love to help you plan your magical vacation! Request a free quote at or look for me on Facebook at Have a magical day!