Learn How to Make Mickey S’mores Cupcakes

Mmm… just one look at these Mickey S’mores Cupcakes and our mouths start to water! If you love s’mores, cupcakes, and Mickey Mouse – well, this is the recipe for you. With a graham cracker crust, soft chocolate cake, and toasted marshmallow fluff topping, these Mickey S’mores Cupcakes are the most adorable (and delicious) treat ever! Follow along with the recipe below from DisneyFamily:


Mickey S’mores Cupcakes


  • Your favorite chocolate cake recipe
  • 1 ½ cups graham cracker crumbs
  • ½ cup butter, melted
  • Cupcake tray and liners
  • Marshmallow fluff
  • Plastic bag
  • Culinary blowtorch (The handling of the culinary blowtorch and oven should be done by an adult.)
  • Small chocolate cookies or wafers


1. Preheat the oven to 350˚F.


2. In a bowl, mix together graham cracker crumbs and melted butter until evenly combined.

3. Line cupcake tray. Press a spoonful of graham cracker and butter mixture into each liner to cover the entire bottom.

4. Fill cupcake tray ⅔ full with chocolate cake batter. Bake for 14-16 minutes, or until inserted toothpick comes out clean. Let cool completely.

5. Fill plastic bag with marshmallow fluff and cut a corner of the bag. Pipe a dollop of marshmallow fluff on each cupcake. Use a blowtorch to toast the marshmallow tops until golden brown. If you don’t have a blow torch, you can also broil the cupcakes in the oven for a few minutes to toast the marshmallow top.

6. Place two small chocolate cookies or wafers on the side of each cupcake as Mickey ears.

7. Enjoy!


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