Live-Action Disney Film Set to Begin Filming This Fall

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Disney live-action remakes have become a staple in modern cinema. Despite their mixed reviews by critics and audiences and often lukewarm performance at the box office, Disney continues to produce feature films based on animated classics. Although the quality and reception of each remake have varied on a scale from Cinderella (2015) to Pinocchio (2022), many Disney animation fans are curious to see which movies are following (and how good they will be).

Disney+ Pinocchio Live-Action

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Why So Soon?

It was announced earlier this month that Disney was preparing to produce a live-action remake of Moana (2016), which only hit theaters seven years ago. The feature film is set to star many original voice actors, including Dwayne Johnson as the demigod Maui. Some have speculated that this may be why the live-action is set less than a decade after the original. In the past, audiences have pushed back on casting choices in live-action films. And in some cases, the original voice actors had passed away (Robin Williams as Genie for example).

The Little Mermaid live action

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Between The Rock and a Hard Place

Although Dwayne Johnson (“The Rock”) stated that the film is in its very early stages, it seems the production is moving along fairly quickly. Reel News Hawaii, a social media outlet that reports on news from the islands, has learned when the Disney movie will begin production of the feature film in Hawaii.

Maui from Moana

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In a post, Reel News Hawaii shared the following:

“Little Moana update for you. Looks like Disney is fast-tracking this one, with filming tentatively slated to start sometime in October and taking place in Hawaii & Georgia.”

Right on Schedule

While it has yet to be confirmed by Disney, the anticipated production window lines up with the film being released sometime in late 2024 or summer 2025. Could this scheduling also be an attempt to line up the live-action Moana (2016) remake release with the rumored Moana attractions coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

What do you think? Are you looking forward to more Disney live-action remakes in the future?

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