Guests Suffer Attacks at Well-Known Theme Park

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It’s tough to be a bug, but it’s even harder to deal with a swarm of them.

One of the really nice things about visiting Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, or even Disneyland Resort in California, is that you’re very rarely bothered by bugs. Of course, it’s impossible to avoid all bugs, since you are outside and that’s where they live. But Disney does a really great job of keeping the bugs at bay the best they can. They have scientific ways they operate in order to make the area unappealing for little flying insects, and it works relatively well.

Unfortunately, not all theme parks follow the same protocol, which can lead to some very uncomfortable situations.

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Guests visiting the popular amusement park Cedar Point in Ohio recently were shocked and terrified as they were swarmed by an unimaginable amount of mayflies as they waited to board a roller coaster. The flies were everywhere, and the guests could do nothing but swat at them and try to prevent the mayflies from flying into their faces and mouths.

Video of the shocking swarm was shared on TikTok, and commenters were equally stunned.


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While most commenters were shocked seeing the massive swarm, they did find some humor in the situation. One younger girl in the video was seen kicking the air to get the bugs away from her. Viewers loved that the girl was so desperate to get away from the bugs that she thought kicking the air would work.

I don’t feel like kicking was helping much ?

Swarm of mayflies at Cedar Point and a girl tries to kick them away

Credit: Vor3807 TikTok

While many commenters felt bad for the people in line, they felt even worse for the people riding the roller coaster. It does not seem like a lot of fun to fly through a thick swarm of bugs at a high rate of speed.

Former cedar point employee here…now imagine riding through these swarms at 80 mph. The rider’s reactions coming back into the station was the best.

It is also interesting to note that the mayflies seemed to have arrived a little early. According to a local radio station, mayfly season in Ohio typically starts in late June and runs through September. Although, it is possible that things work a little differently around Cedar Point because of where it is located.

Corkscrew roller coaster Cedar Point

Credit: Cedar Point

Mayflies thrive in wet areas, which makes Sandusky, Ohio — where Cedar Point is located — the perfect environment for them. Sandusky is largely surrounded by Lake Erie, as well as several smaller bodies of water. The mayflies lay their eggs in the water and when the larvae hatch, they remain in the water until they are adults.

Once the bugs are fully grown, they leave and create utter chaos for the people around them. Adult mayflies only have a lifespan of about 48 to 72 hours, so they are eager to procreate before they die.

What would you have done in that massive swarm of mayflies? Let us know in the comments!

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