Moldy Disney Resort Leaves Two Guests Sick

Disney's Pop Century Resort
Credit: Disney

A trip to Disney World is one of the best ways to spend a family vacation. There is much to offer at all four Parks, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios. Staying on property at a Disney Resort can make your trip that much more magical. With many perks like free transportation to the Parks, a Disney Resort stay can make your vacation easier than staying off-property.

Disney is known for their professionalism and assistance in making every Guest have a magical day. Interestingly, one Guest took to the internet to recount their family’s experience, which was less than magical.

Pop Century

Credit: Disney

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Guest Experience at Disney Resort

Inside the Magic first reported a Guest’s experience while staying at Disney’s Value Resort Pop Century. The Resort is located in the Wide World of Sports area; the Resort was one of the first Value Resorts to receive renovations. Although Guests have opinions on the updates, too, this Guests experience was due to different issues. Upon entering the room for their stay at Pop Century, the Guest knew something was off. Furthermore, the Guest described the smell as musty, which a cleaned, unused room should never smell as.

The Guest took to Reddit, writing, “My mom got sick very quickly,” wrote user Jayceevail. “She felt terrible and had shortness of breath the rest of the trip. We thought it could just be a combination of her asthma, traveling, and the mustiness of our room until I got sick. It was so bad I didn’t wake up until 1 p.m. and felt like I couldn’t breathe.”

Pop Century

Credit: Disney

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The family reached out to the Resort several times and finally had a housekeeper come look at the room. The housekeeper discovered mold covering the wall behind the refrigerator that had seemingly been leaking for an unidentified amount of time. The Guests were immediately removed from the room and placed into a new one, only receiving a free Genie+ upgrade.

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While it is most certainly not ideal to become sick on a vacation, neither is it ideal to fall ill due to the Resort you are paying to stay in. The Guest also noted Disney was going to follow up with a call once they returned home but never did. We have heard and reported plenty of stories on how Cast Members have gone above and beyond to help Guests have an out-of-this-world experience. For this family, it is unfortunate they did not experience such hospitality.

Pop Century

Credit: Disney

There was no further comment on if Disney did do anything further for the Guests.

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