New Bill Makes Way for DeSantis 2024

Trump and Biden at Hall of President with DeSantis

Walt Disney World may have to develop a Ron DeSantis animatronic for the Hall of Presidents in the near future. Speculation around the Florida Governor’s potential presidential run for the White House in 2024 has been a popular topic lately. Whether it be Bob Iger, President Donald Trump, or President Joe Biden, Ron DeSantis seems to be on everyone’s mind.

Joe Biden at Hall of Presidents

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Governor Until 2027?

Until recently, a Florida law prohibited a sitting governor from running for president concurrently. In other words, Ron DeSantis would have to end his term (2027) or resign in order to throw his hat in the ring. Although his resignation (if he runs) may have been a hopeful end to the ongoing feud with Disney, it appears Ron DeSantis could do both.

A new bill just approved by the Florida legislature would carve out an exemption to Florida law requiring anyone seeking office to resign from one they already hold after qualifying as a candidate. Only an officeholder running for U.S. president or vice president would not have to resign. The bill passed the state House along party lines and now goes to the governor, who is expected to sign it into law.

Supporters of the bill claim that the modification has nothing to do specifically with regard to Ron DeSantis potentially eyeing a 2024 presidential bid.


Credit: State of Florida

Democrats accuse the bill of being an effort by the Republican party to clear the way for Ron DeSantis while remaining governor.

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President Trump vs. Governor DeSantis vs. Disney?

Regardless of any individual’s view of Ron DeSantis, seeing the governor simultaneously take on former president Donald Trump AND The Walt Disney Company would be interesting. Over the past few months, the former president has taken swipes at Governor DeSantis. Meanwhile, Ron Desantis has been toying with legal battles over Reedy Creek and Walt Disney World. Maybe President Trump and Mr. Iger could team up to end Ron DeSantis’ political career. Who knows? Stranger things have happened…

Trump Hall of Presidents

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It remains to be seen just what impact a Ron DeSantis presidential campaign would have on Walt Disney World. Whether he is forced to resign as governor or not, running a national campaign might be just the distraction the Disney company needs to get him off its back.

As of the publishing of this article, DeSantis has made no official announcement to run for the Republican party nomination.

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