New Figment Book Coming in 2024

Figment Art
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For those unfamiliar with the famous purple dragon, Figment debuted in 1983 as the sidekick of The Dreamfinder in the attraction “Journey into Imagination” at Disney’s EPCOT.


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Figment, a History

Figment is a small purple dragon with tiny wings, a pointy snout, and a mischievous grin. He embodies imagination and creativity, encouraging Guests to embrace their imaginative powers. For years, Figment’s playful antics and infectious energy have made him a fan favorite.

figment popcorn bucket

Credit: Disney

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Although the original “Journey into Imagination” attraction has changed, Figment has remained its signature character and his status as the EPCOT mascot. Figment’s popularity extends beyond the theme Parks, with merchandise, plush toys, and appearances in various forms of Disney media. In addition to having cameos in multiple films, including Toy Story 4 (2019), Disney World also had a Figment popcorn bucket that Disney fans waited seven hours to get.

figment holiday sweater

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All of his fame and popularity has landed Figment a book deal…sort of. According to Penguin/Random House, a new Little Golden Book featuring Figment will debut on January 2, 2024. Although no cover art has been released, the book is based on the theme Park attraction and around the lyrics to the ride’s song “One Little Spark.” However, it is unclear which lyrics (the original or the newer) the book will use.

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A Figment Renaissance?

Rumors have been swirling over Walt Disney World refurbishing the attraction, and Park fans have also wished for a return of the Dreamfinder. In any event, Disney seems to be leaning more into Figment’s popularity with talk of him getting a Disney+ show and a new film produced by Seth Rogan’s company.

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